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This page was designed to help parents, scout leaders and teachers find information about crafts and were to order often hard to find supplies. As a former teacher trainer and member of many education committees, I just can't resist listing sites I find on the net that look helpful to teachers.

I have divided these pages (again!) into multiple pages: Parent/Teacher Resource Page for supplies and resources that are of general interest and Jewish Parent/Teacher Resource Page. I suggest that Jewish teachers look carefully through both pages as many of the basic skills and lessons listed are invaluable and can be applied to any setting. Now I have divided the Jewish resource pages into resources and a new Jewish supply sources.

World Wide Web Resources
Fundraisers and Personalization Gifts

  • It's My Mitzvah
    Honor a special occasion with our unique line of printed, personalized favors for bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, weddings or other celebrations. Print water bottles, scrubs, sports balls, t-shirts, ball caps, travel cd cases and much more with your name and celebration date.

    More World Wide Web Resources:


  • Custom made Siddur Covers are her speciality! Buy one for a gift or order bulk for schools.
    They are made of high quality 100% cotton fabric, fused to Timtex, and then satin stitched all around. They are easy to put on - just slide book into the front and back pockets. They are also machine washable

    Siddur covers can be plain fabric or personalized with machine embroidery of your choice.

    One of the many high quality custom Judaica Lori makes. She can machine embroider and sew. She has any items in stock and does incredible custom orders. Challah covers, tallit bags, holiday items, Shabbat items, fabric bowls, Chumsahs Wall hangings, wedding favors, Bar and Bat Mitzah items and more!

    Yard Flags for all holidays and can be custom designed

  • J-CRAFTS at
    Jewish Crafts discussion group. A perfect place to "meet" other Jewish Crafters. Great place to ask questions and get ideas. Has achived links to Jewish Crafts, suppliers, professional craft events, needlework info and much more!

    Click to subscribe to J-CRAFTS

  • Yad
    Charity to raise money for programs and charities in Israel. Perfect for your Purim tzedakah gifts. Children and teens especially love the blue bracelets they sell that say Yad Chazaka on them. Adult and children sizes. Very reasonable plus all funds go to Israel.

  •'s E Cards.
    Also has e-cards for other holidays and Jewish events. Plus Rosh Hashana recipes, information, jokes and more.

  • JTS's Melon Centers - Kids Corner Holiday Coloring Books.Coloring pages and poster for all of the holidays. Also has lessons. With links to more things to do. They set that page up kid friendly then set up other lessons and games for parents and teachers to do with children. Additional lessons include Holidays, leading a seder, Names of G-d, Siddur Geography, book reviews and more!

    Resources and Links for Jewish Fabric crafts. Supply sources, pattern sites and more! A great resource page.
  • Berit's Best Sites for Children From Cochran Entertainment producers of TV shows. This site reviews children sites and rates them. It lists over 600 sites (indexed with a search key) that she thinks are some of the best sites on the web she includes a few links to Jewish sites.

  • The Jewish Agency Pedagogic Center Huge very professional ( as expected from the Jewish Agency!) Huge resource for Holidays. Including Lesson plans.

  • Berman's Jewish Youth Activities.Recommended by the Jewish Agency. A long list of Jewish/Hebrew sites for youth.
  • Berman's Jewish Holiday Sites Recommended by the Jewish Agency. A long list of Jewish/Hebrew sites for holidays

  • United Jewish Community of Virginia Peninsula's - Jewish Web Links Page. !00's of links to Jewish educational, Israel, Media, Language, holidays, Holocaust, Kosher Food. Links to Jewish web sites for many cities in the U.S.

    Virtual Jerusalem
    1000's of Links to Israel, fun, crafts, games and information on Jewish Holidays, Hebrew lessons and more. Including Chanukah, Passover, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Purim. Plus MORE!

  • The Jewish Resource Page Lists and Links to 100's of Jewish sites of general interests, Holocoust, genealogy, Books, Hebrew, Yiddish and Resources from Universities.

  • Over 300 Jewish Links Page. Has some interesting links not easily found especially for Jewish Publishers and stores plus links to all areas of Jewish Interests.

  • Kid's Domain.ComHas PC and Mac Shareware and Freeware Programs for Kids recommended by families and teachers including some Jewish holiday pages and crafts. Demos, reviews, programming for kids, and graphics/clip art. Holiday pages with mazes, puzzles, software, and crafts. Don't forget to check out their What's New Page.

  • Bry-Back Manor Holidays and Clip art. Holidays from around the world and clip art for many holidays including High Holidays

    Chanukah and Chanukah clip art

    Passover Sukkot, and Purim more.

  • Billy Bear 4 Incredible site! Has lots of resources for parents and teachers. Great clip art, desk top tips and lots of information along with the games and fun for kids. Most of the graphics are free to use but check the copywrite on the page before down loading. ( It is only fair!) Chanukah Page. Includes Print a dreidel and make your own Chanukah Note Paper. They now have Passover Pages

  • holiday PagesSome how this great site was lost in my bookmarks! Great Educational site for adults also has holiday information and fun activities for children. Including * Purim, *Passover, *Sukkot also has some interesting Stories online for children. See Dr. Mitzvah Stories.

  • Kathy Schorock's Guide for Educators.
    A categorized list of sites on the web for teachers as part of the Discovery Channel School. 100's of sites including *Discovery Channel School lesson plans,*holidays,*Hobbies,*Kidstuff and more!

  • Shlock
    Jewish Rock Band offers Electronic Chanukah Cards and Shlock Rock Educator Pages. Lesson plans help for Jewish Sunday, Day Schools and Preschools. Shows how to use their music for Holidays and learning about Judiasm.

  • Jacob Richman's Hot Jewish Sites! 100's of Links to adult sites of interest. Also has children that includes some Jewish sites. Also has lists of very helpful Hot sites for non Jewish sites too in his general Hot Sites list.

  • Dr. Nurit Reshef Curriculum Coordinator of Talmud Torah School, Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Has a HUGE and incredible resource for Jewish educators. Many lessons, games, Hebrew games and vocabulary lessons, holiday info and her own FUNLAND.

    She as also helped develop
    JNF of Canada -Israel Landscape of Heritage Site.

  • 613.0rg
    Jewish/Hebrew Audio Classes huge site with songs for holiday, shabbat, other holidays and Lessons.
  • 613.0rg's Passover Seder Tunes.

  • Rafi Stern's Aleph-bet game. Rafi Stern has Hebrew games and info about Israel. Also other non Jewish games.

  • Jewish Conservative Jewish Educators info.

  • Arutz SHeva's Jewish Universe
    Incredible portal from Israel. Jewish News, recipes and a full Jewish Web portal.

  • Torah
    Online Torah Search engine with free torah audio and tex. classes

  • Global
    Online Torah Community. Offers info and research on Torah and Orthodox Judaism.

  • Thousands of Teacher lesson plans. Including - Jewish Resources.

  • Needlepoint 6 pointed star from the Caron Collection. Great examples can be used for other crafts.

  • Holiday Funology Great site. Lots of links for crafts and games. For many Jewish Holidays! Chanukah, Passover and High Holidays. Including Purim.

  • Purim at Web Holidays.and Chanukah.

  • Tidewater/South Hampton Roads Jewish Community. Virginia. Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake area resources and web sites.

  • Pleasant Grove Elementary School - Hanukkah links.

  • HaReshima - The List of Jewish and Israel Sites.

  • HaReshima

    The JAFI Portal from the Jewish Agency.

    Shalom's video series "From a Rabbi's kitchen"
    Video on how to make High Holiday round challah bread

    Very moving video on the people that blew the shofar when it was illegal to blow the shofar at the Kotel under British rule.

  • Shamash

  • Guelah for Kids. Jewish lessons, stories, simple crafts.

  • ProudMommy's Children's Judaica sites. A great site for Jewish Crafts, games, fun and education . It has many holidays and other sites. Plus : Children's Judaica Sites page 2.

  • Stories, crafts,recipes, songs, lessons, stories and more on Chunukah. Looks great. Includes a story you can read each night. It now has Passover stories, crafts and two great treasure hunts.

  • Calendar of events of Jewish interest in the Boston and New England area plus links to points of places. Food, Temples, etc.

    They have great articles, features and holiday info. Check out their archives of wonderful recipes and holiday menus. Many featuring different Jewish traditions from all over the world.

  • Jewish Scrappers ResourceScrap Book resource with links to other sites for Jewish Clip art, paper punches, sticker ideas etc.

  • Another Huge site has Hanukkah crafts.. It also has Crafts including holiday crafts. Also has ideas for Birthday Party ideas. Recipes

  • Has some fun and educational things to do about Chanukah. A Chabbad site. Has computer games, recipes, live candle lightings and more.

  • The Homer (Omer) Calendar. A fun way to study the Omer. It is part of a great teen site called Jewish teen culture, discussions and fun pages.

  • The Chabad Centers have a great resource site. Some of it is really fancy with Multimedia. Has great holiday information. Their Purim Site is unique. They have information and fun things for: Passover and Shavout. Another page for: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simcha Torah.and Chanukah 2000.

  • Maven Search is a great resource.
    I have it listed other places on my site and some how skipped it here. It has a huge data base of Jewish Sites and resources. I think one of the best search engines for Jewish Sites!

  • Maven Search - Rosh Hashana SitesAbout 50 sites and Yom Kippur about 20 sites.
  •'s Judaism pages has a great search engine. Their Rosh Hashana links alone cover 50 PAGES! Search by holiday to find more info for ALL holidays.
    Jewish Calendar.

  •'s Jewish and Kosher recipes for the High Holidays plus more for other times. This also is a huge site!

  • - Hebrew. resources. Huge amount of Hebrew, Yiddish Lessons Plus Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons. It also has some great Holiday clip art and wall papers.

  • - Jewish resources.
    Also a Huge and incredible resource! It has a huge amount of Jewish, Yiddish and Hebrew Resources. Has a search engine with hundreds of great links to: language, religion, holiday, bar/bat mitzvah help, recipes and more!

  •'s Jewish and Kosher recipes has many experts on many catagories. Its Jewish and Jewish food experts are two of the best! This also is a huge site!

  • Akhlah: The Jewish Children's Learning Network.Listed above has some great Hebrew lessons too. It Alep Bet charts and lessons, phrases, games and more!

  • Uncle Eli's - Special-for -Kids Most Fun Ever (under-the -table) Passover Haggadah Great story to read for fun and possible to use in a Sunday School. This has been around for a while on the web and updated with some pictures. I just remembered it when I was looking for more Chanukah sites. Teachers and parents should check this out to use in Sunday Schools , Day Schools and just everywhere. It also has a great Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Prayer Book filled with songs and prayers.

  • Holidays at
    Stories, music and more. Has links to many Hanukah Graphics,

  • Torah.orgA huge site and a great resource for Adults and teachers. Offers free online classes to learn more about Judiasm.

  • Temple Judea of Florida Jewish Link Pages Has many links to Jewish and Israel sites. Genealogy, Gifts, Holocaust Studies, Museums and More!

  • Lookstein.orgThe virtual Resource Center. The School of Education and Bar - Ilan University in Israel offers help to teachers including lessons plans for Jewish educators outside of Israel.
  • Has a great variety of Ecards including Jewish Holidays and greeting cards.

  • Has some Jewish information. Including Passover and many activities for Hanukah.

  • Hanakkah at Idea Box It has ideas, activities, crafts, music and recipes.

  • Jewish Outreach Institute. Huge site with lots of information and lessons. Lots of information about the why's of things including holidays. Has some intersting stories to read.

  •'s Treehouse.
    A JCC in AZ. has a great site. Many Educational and fun things attached to their JCC info. It has music, stories, crafts and more. Also holiday information and holiday fun for kids, and fun pages. Recipes, calendar info, Jewish Parenting pages, for families, info and more!

  • Shira's Free Jewish Clipart

  • AKHLAH: The Jewish Children's Learning Network Fun with Jewish and Hebrew lessons. Learn about Heroes, holidays, Israel, Parshas and Hebrew. A great resource for teachers! Check out the Aleph Bet Coloring pages for great posters.

    An adult/teacher resource of articles and more about holidays.

  • Biblical
    Information on growing your own garden using plants mentioned in the Bible. Includes free seed offer for individuals and groups. Includes educational and fun pages for children to color.

  • Temple Sinai's Biblical Garden (Newport News, VA)
    More inspirations on how to make a biblical garden.
  • Holidays on the Net An award winning site. Has Holiday information, stories, games, crafts, greeting cards, links, teachers guides and MORE! Holidays include all major Jewish Holidays, Ramadan, Christmas, Holocaust Remembrance,Halloween, all U.S. Holidays and more.

  • Jewish Nature Project. This site has a Jewish Nature Project Craft Page. It's Past Projects are really intersting. Some of my favorites are the Black Walnut Stained Challah Covers and sand candles. Actually I like the sound of all of them! This a great nature site for scouts, parents, teachers and more. Great Teva (nature) Tips.

    Hebrew and Yiddish


    Shop their store for a full line of Educational and Recreational Jewish software.
    Great for clip art for all of your scrapbooking, crafts and newsletters. Learn Hebrew and more!

  • Beginners Yiddish DictoraryHas grammar tables, word lists, phonetic keyboard, Yiddish Typewriter and more.

  • Machon L' Morim
    Jewish Early Childhood Program.
    It is a great resource for Jewish Preschool and Early Childhood teachers. It also has a Machon L' Morim Newsletter and Chat.

  • World ORT has a great educational site including: Navigating the Bible II
    ORT's Online Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutor. It has great lessons with audio and has a calendar for you to figure out what your portion would be. You have to type in your birthday and it gives you your Jewish Birthday and Bar/Bat Mizvah weekend. Where many people are not able to get their bar/bat mitzvah date on the exact date you may have to add the number of weeks past this date you are having your simcha to get the exact date. (or ask your Rabbi)

  • Travlang.comForeign Languages for Travelers.
  • Has many languages including Hebrew.

  • Mega site for children. It has a few Hebrew games. If you do a search on Hebrew it will take you to language games, Aleph Bet puzzles and more.

  • Alef Land Has Hebrew and holiday lessons and fun.

  • Hebrew Songs for Children by Zagit-Zviya Netter

  •'s Hebrew Slang Dictionary. Learn and HEAR useful and silly Hebrew slang words and expressions. Can be educational and FUN.

  • Aleph-Bet on the Net Hebrew tutorials.


    Check out my Eileen's Orginal Craft and Resource Pages.

  • Make your own tallit and ritual wear. Plus Clay covered yad, challah covers, center pieces, embossing your own invites and more!
  • Eileen's Passover Pages.
  • and

  • Eileen's Purim Pages
    Has Original Beadies and some simple crafts.

    Lots of links to Lessons, Crafts and Fun.

  • Eileen's Chanukah Page.
  • Eileen's Favorite Camp Crafts - Clay Page
    My clay projects always made Judaica some of my most requested projects. Check out my web page for instructions on how to use Polymer clay, includes links to other clay sites.

    Don't forget to check out Eileen's Jewish Clay and Candle Projects:

  • Eileen's Jewish Clay Stamp Jewelry and Projects.
  • Eileen's Clay Mezzuzah Charms and Clay Hebrew Name Necklaces.
  • Eileen's Clay Mezzuzahs
  • Eileen's Rolled Beeswax Chanukah Candles.
  • Eileen's Rolled Beeswax Havdallah Candles
  • Eileen's Clay Chanukah Dreidels and Dreidel Charms.

  • My page of Craft Pictures that will hopefully give you ideas for your own Jewish crafts for: clay, sand art, copper rubbings and more.

    Eileen's Jewish Craft Pages.with hundreds of crafts.

  • Eileen's Beaded Purim King and Queen Crowns. Glow in the Dark pony beads and chenille pipecleaners make a great Purim Crown. Step by step pictures.

  • Eileen's Jewish Beadie Projects are also very unique and very popular. Holidays and fun Jewish designs using pony beads. Makes great key chains and window ornaments. FIRST ON THE NET!

    Now has Purim Beadie projects in pony beads and Glass E beads.

    Also Passover Beadie Patterns.

  • Eileen Chadis Wood's
    "Chanukah Crafts and Starting Your Own Family Tradition."

    This is an article featured at

    Eileen's Chanukah Craft Ideas. This is an article featuring a new list of more of my own Chanukah craft ideas.

    Check out their great articles, recipes, community guide, calendar and more!

    Now has some purim pages.

    It has an article by Eileen about

    Purim Crafts and Traditions.

    If you are visiting Boston or live there.. check them out.

    Jewish Scouts & Guides Resources:,

    See my Scouting Pages.

    I am trying to be more organized!

    I am moving all of my Scout and Guide resources to my new Scouting Page. This will also list Jewish Scouting Resources and Links.

    Jewish Craft, School and Holiday Supply Source Pages
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