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Because these award winning Purim pages have gotten to long, I have moved the Purim recipes to their own pages.

Many of the sites and lessons on my Jewish Crafts page, Jewish Resources page, General Crafts and Polymer Clay crafts have been used for Jewish Crafts and may also include Purim ideas.

I have added many crafts to this list that can be used easily for: Sunday Schools, Day Schools, scouts and others.

Eileen's Original Jewish Crafts:

When I think of Purim I think of Kings and Queens. So here is a craft projects that even teens like! Pony Beads and Chenille Pipe Cleaners twisted to make beaded crowns. Step by Step pictures of a Queen's and King's crown. These used Glow in the Dark beads for evening safety. But teens really liked using sparkle pony beads for their crowns.

  • Beaded King and Queen Crown


    Now 25 Different Projects

    One of 4 new original Purim Patterns

    Grogger with Hamantashen

    Purim, Shabbat and Havdallah,
    Chanukah, Bible and Jewish Symbols.

    My original designs!

    The hottest kids crafts crazy in years are Pony Bead Projects for : Beadie Animals/Critters/Buddies etc.

    I have had many requests for Jewish Patterns as there were lots of crosses out therebut nothing Jewish.

    So my boys and I have made some Jewish Symbols to get you started thinking and designing your own.

    Let me know if you design any beadie projects and I will either add them to my site, giving you credit of course, or link to your sites.

    See my beadie animal page for 100's of general patterns and instructions.
    Check out

    Purim Crafts and Traditions

    an article on Purim by Eileen on

    Shalom's Purim Pages .

    They have some other Purim pages plus some great recipes from many different Jewish Traditions.
    (See a few listed below)

    Purim Poems

  • Nancy E. Wright's Purim Poem
    Nancy is a Chadis Crafts customer that wrote a Purim poem but had no way to get it on the web. Chadis Crafts is hosting it. Do you have a craft or poem you want to share? Contact


    Kosher gift baskets.
    Gifts and food for all year round including special Purim baskets. Ship anywhere in US and Israel


    New Purim Jewelry and Gift Pages

    Check out Eileen's business site and sponsor of these "Fun" pages for Purim Jewelry, Deluxe Beaded Wine Charms for Purim and other Purim Gifts

    Proceeds from Eileen's business pays all of the expenses for the over 50 pages of free craft lessons and links. Plus hosts sites for some non profit organizations.

    I can't believe I did not find this site before! Wood kits sold in bulk. Purim, Chunukah, Shabbat and more. Groggers,Megillah kits, dreidels, yads and more. All look to be in quality wood products perfect for the classroom, for home schoolers and camps. Sold individually and in bulk discounts.


    Facts, Fun, Lessons, and Crafts.

    Shop S&S Worldwide
    Has lots of general craft supplies.
    You will have to email or call to get their small Judaica Craft catalog.
    But if you search on Jewish you will find some Judiac beads and books.

    Great source for Purim Carnival Prizes!

  • Paper
    Paper Stuff for kids and grown-ups. Has great printable sheets for printing. You print them out and they show you how to fold into a toy. 100's of patterns! Cars, buildings, paper dolls, hats, crowns and more! You can print many in color or color them yourself. Check out their King's and Queen's Crowns and Tiaras perfect for Purim.

  • Janie's Coloring Hats
    Hats to color for all occasions, holidays, camps, birthday parties etc. Great pictures and very reasonably priced. Perfect for classes, camps, libraries, zoos and more that need a creative project. Pictures printed on the hats are great and real fun looking. Plus large area left for child to individualized and add his or her own creative designs. She has a great section for Jewish Holiday Hats! Holidays (including Purim), Shabbat, Israel, Aleph Bet, Birthday, Tzedakah, Brachot and Israeli Flag. Pictures are really appropriate for the occasion, lots of Hebrew too.

  •'s Purim Central
    Recipes, games, crossword puzzles, word searches, send a Purim E card and more from this online Jewish Magazine.

  •'s Purim E cards
    Send some great Purim cards to your friends and relatives.

  • Purim Pages
    Fancy multimedia! Songs to listen to. Games, information, Megiallah, Recipes. Great kids pages that can be printed out with the "WHYS" of Purim. Even has a Costume Contest if you email your pictures right after Purim. Chabbad really likes to help people learn about Judiasm. This Purim site is a wow!

  •'s Purim Pages Has a great page on how and why to send Purim Mishloach Manot (food baskets) for purim.
    This site has pages of information on Purim.
    (Plus any other Jewish Holiday)
    More info on Purim on the NET.
    This is a great site for information on all parts of Judiasm. It also has great Purim pages for Kids.

  • Jacob Richmond's Hot Site list for Purim A list of 100 sites!

  •'s Purim Pages.
    Jokes, history, electronic cards and more!
    This site has many holidays.

  • Purim search on Maven, The Jewish Portal. Over 35 sites listed!

  • Holidays on the Net
    An award winning site. Has Holiday information, recipes,stories, games, crafts, greeting cards, links, teachers guides and MORE!

    Holidays include Purim. Purim crafts and recipes include groggers or graggers and masks you can print out to color.

  • Virtual Jerusalem's Purim.
    Customs, Themes, Educator guide and fun stuff.

  • The Jewish Agency-Purim Page
    Pedagogic Center. Huge resource for parents and teachers. Lesson plans.

  •'s Purim Pages.
    Funology has many holidays for all religions.

  • Purim at Web Holidays. Traditions, email cards, recipes.

  • Torah Tots.Com.
    Great religious education site for young children. It includes: games, stories, educational links, music and more. It also sells baseball style cards about the Torah called "Torah Cards" to collect. It has *Purim Greeting cards, Story, Coloring pages, games, and even a Purim Shpiel. (available in English with Hebrew and/or Yiddish words.)

    Purim Pages.

    I have had this site on many of my other pages. Just noticed they have Purim pages. This site has great things for special need children. It also has fun activities and recipes for holidays (including Chanukah, Passover, Sukkot, and High Holidays) and more for ALL children. Has Jewish clip art!

  •'s Purim Pages
    Akhlah: The Jewish Children's Learning Network. Has great holiday, Israel, Hebrew, Parsha lessons and fun things. Includes a kid's purim play.

  • Purim Sweets
    Purim Story for parents of toddlers to read together.

  •'s Purim Webzine
    A Chabad site. Great Purim Chasidic stories.

  •'s Purim Pages.. Learn about Purim, send E Mail Purim Card, Songs, Purim Coloring Pages and more! Don't miss Dr. Mitzvah Stories for Purim

  • Scramble Purim and Chanukah words at Dr. Nirit Reshef's Funland. I have links to other parts of her site for a long time. Great resource. Did not see this Purim game.

    The Jewish Outreach Institute. Has a huge Purim resource site including Purim information. The Story of Purim, Recipes and more! This is more of a parent site than children.
  • Shlock
    Jewish Rock Band offers Shlock Rock Educator Pages. Lesson plans help for Jewish Sunday, Day Schools and Preschools. Shows how to use their music for Holidays and learning about Judiasm. They have a few Purim Songs.

  • Purim Pages. Parent/Teacher resources.

  • Shrinky
    Has a site with directions for the plastic shrink art sheets.

  • Making's Beaded Tiara.
    This gave me the idea for my beaded Crowns. They also have great paper dolls that can be used for Bible figures and possibly can be adjusted for Purim although the clothes are more bible-like. This site is amazing!
    Check out all of her costume and face painting info.

  • East Valley JCC's Purim Pages

  •'s Purim PagesRecipes, articles, stories and more

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    Eileen's Original
    Purim Crafts and Recipes

    Purim Crafts:

    Clay On Wooden Yads

    Clay On Aluminum Foil Frame

    For Full directions click here.

  • Clay Yads

  • The Yahoo Group J-Craft had an interesting discussion on adult Purim crafts. One suggestion was a silly Yad for Purim.
    Yad= object usually hand/finger shape used to help follow along and keep your place while reading.

    This could be an adult or child's craft.

    I had already done a lesson on a clay on wood yad as a project for a Bar Mitvah gift. See My make your own ritual wear page. So when this this online discussion started, I had some fun thinking about it. I thought I would add some of my ideas on Purim Yad's onto this page.

    If you are lucky enought to find a wooden yad, covering with Sculpey is very easy.

    A colorful yad could be used all year round but what about Purim designs?

    Possible themes:

  • Hamantasen handle
  • King or Queen Crown on end.
  • Make one annually to match your costume theme.
  • Add triangles all over the yad for hamantasen shapes.
  • Grooger shapes on the yad or one on the end would also work well.
  • Hopefully if I have time before Purim, I will make one and post a picture on line. If not check back as I will as soon as I can.

    If you don't have a wooden yad to cover than you can make a long shape with a pointing finger/hand on the end with rolled aluminum foil then cover with a sheet of Sculpey (white or terra cotta Sculpey would work. Then you can stamp with Purim stamps or cover with colorful Sculpey canes.

    The terra cotta or white sculpey could also be left plain and painted after baked.

    If using on a "real" Megillah, one on parchment or in a prayer book, then you might check the hand to make sure it is smooth, sand if needed, add a glaze etc. This will keep the yad from hopefully ripping the paper you are reading. What ever you use for your pointer part check carefully to see if it will leave pencil like markings, dirt etc on the holy papers.

  • Clay Grogger!

  • Most of you know that I love working with Sculpey Clay.

    I also love to bake it on top of something.

    This time I used a opaque white plastic bottle I recycled from Dannon Drinkable Yogurts.

    Using the bulk box of terra cotta color Sculpey, I rolled a sheet of about 1/4" thick and covered the bottle.

    I filled it with about 30 kidney beans.

    I made a 1/2" thick flat circle of clay that I put on the top to seal the beans in.

    I rubber stamped designs into the clay.

    Bake as any Sculpey project.

    260 degrees for about 30 minutes.

    Make sure to cover your pyrex or other tray with parchment paper to keep chemicals off of dish.

    When cooled, I painted the whole thing with Flaster Plaster Brown Antique medium but only let dry about 1 minute.

    Rub off with paper towel.

    This gives the look of wood or leather and makes the rubber stamps show.

    I did not glaze the Sculpey as I liked the feel of the clay for shaking.

    I also liked the feel of the neck of the bottle as it stayed in my hand when shaking.

  • "Aged Metal" Groggers
  • Using drinkable yogurt plastic containers again as above but in two sizes.



  • Sculpey clay in bulk box of terra cotta for tops and bottoms
  • White sculpey in bulk box for body
  • About 1 1 1/2lb box of each color to make about 10-12 groggers.
  • Rubber stamps in Purim shapes
  • Black acryllic paint
  • Sponges or paper towels
  • Pearlized powders in copper and gold
  • Sculpey gloss glaze.
  • pinto beans(about 1-2 lbs.)
  • wax paper for working surface
  • Parchment paper to line cookie sheet
  • metal cookie sheets
  • Pointed clay tool or tooth pick to carve names into bottom.
  • Hand wipes (always after clay work but especially when working with the terra cotta
  • Baby powder to act as a release for rubber stamps
  • Child safe clay slicer
  • Aluminum foil for surface to glaze.
  • Give small ball of white clay to each child to soften. Have them make a ball and then roll into snake.

    Wrap the snake around the bottle. Then squeeze the clay to flatter and stretch to cover the bottle. Leave bottom and rim empty. Make sure to check for bubbles, holes or weak spots. You need to make sure to have thick enough clay to allow for rubber stamping.

    Rubber stamp the white clay

    Give a smaller ball of terra cotta clay. Have them soften and then make a ball. Rubber stamp the ball and trim only slightly larger than bottom. Smooth to be seamless with white clay. Apply to bottom and carve child's name on the bottom.
    Make a second ball of terra cotta, rubber stamp and leave until beans are inside the grogger.

    Fill with beans only to the top of the neck. Leave room for clay to move/make noise.

    Place clay on top to seal.
    Give small amount of white or terra cotta clay to child and have them roll into a snake. Use this to wrap around the neck and secure the top.

    After baking and letting cool in the oven.
    Paint with black paint
    wait a few minutes. Wipe off with sponge or paper towel. Wetting as necessary. Leave paint on the body and in the lines as desired.

    When dry rub some gold or copper powders by finger onto the grogger.

    Place on aluminum foil for an almost no stick surface. Apply glaze. (Glaze is needed on this project to hold powders on.)

    If bottom is powdered too, make sure to wait a day or a few hours and then tip over to glaze bottom.

  • Milk carton grogger.

  • Use a 1/2 pint or pint paper carton from milk or orange juice. Rinse inside and out and let dry. Fill with small beans enough to make some noise. Tape shut. Decorate the outside with construction paper, tissue paper, foam art sheets what ever. Popular designs are of course: Kings with cotton ball beards and Queens with Foil paper crowns. But you can even make a man with Triangle Black Hat for the bag guy. (We don't want to say his name!)

  • Shrink Art

  • Shrinky Dink:
  • Jewelry
  • Magnets
  • Name Tags
  • Labels for
    Purim Gift Packages.

  • This is a fun craft and easily adapted to a Jewish Theme. Shrinky Dinks are Shrink Plastic Sheets. What ever you can draw or trace with color pencils or permanet markers can be made into a key chain, magnet, jewelry etc. You bake the plastic on cookie sheets in your home oven or toaster oven. They shrink about 1/8th the size and thicken. I have done this craft with even 3 year olds using colored pencils. (on roughed up sheets - see their prebuffed ones.) We at camp used 1/4 sheets, punched with paper punch and made great key chains. No limit to the imagination on this craft. For Purim try drawing Purim Characters or Grogger shapes. Makes great Purim jewelry or extras for your costume theme. Add child's name and glue pin on back. Use for name tag. See Company info below for ordering material even in very cheap bulk.


  • Rubber Stamps Projects

  • There are some great Jewish Rubber stamps that can be used in many different ways for Purim. They can be used on the Shrinky Dinks above or on paper. The teacher or parent can stamp the designs for the kids to keep them cleaner. (kids and papers.) I have xeroxed my stampings and then had the kids color them in. The new gel pens are great. These stamps can be used as labels or gift cards for your Purim Gift Trays. You can also stamp directly onto a paper or gilter bag to decorate your Shalach Manot Bags.

    Jewish Purim Craft Kit Resources:

    Check out my Jewish Resource page for ordering of catalogs or online shopping with Purim items and craft kits.

    For example:

  • The Just for the Mitzvah catalog /online store
  • They have Purim kits to make groggers (Grogger), Purim Masks,Paper Crowns, Megillah, Shalach Manot Bags.

  • Jewish
  • Coloring Purim books & Megilah Scrolls, Purim Mishloach Manot Cardboard baskets to make, Hamantashen Mishloach Manot lacing projects. Many come in class/group packs.

  • Janies' Coloring Hats
    Has great paper hats with printed designs from many Jewish holidays including Purim. Very reasonable, great graphics and Hebrew. Has bulk packs too.

  • Not Crafty?
    In a Hurry?
    Many of the online stores sell premade items for Purim too.


    Chocolate Groggers

    Large chocolate groggers. About 3 oz. of chocolate each!

    I bought the mold from This is one of many Jewish molds and Holiday molds they carry. This mold makes two large candy grogger. It has a Hebrew word I have been told means something about remembering.

    This mold as all plastic molds this company carries would be great for soap making or plaster too. So buy extra molds. Remember once a mold is used for non food don't use it for food. Some chemicals may stay on the plastic. They also sell small lollypop size groggers, Hamentasens and other Purim designs.

    I used chocolate and white chocolate (dairy) melting chocolate usually sold for dipping fruit or making chocolate almond bark. The package I used came in 12 2 oz cubes. I have two molds (4 groggers). I melted 6 cubes in a glass bowl at a time. Enough for one mold (two groggers). I melted in the microwave a few times at 30 second each. Making sure to stir after each 30 seconds. It took about 2 minutes for them to melt. I usually put all molds on wax paper in case I spill. Make sure that mold is dry as water can ruin the melting chocolate because of its high oil content. I made some all chocolate. Others a combination of white and dark. Make sure to even the top (back of candy) with a spatula so the finished candy will lay flat. Also make sure to move the mold back and forth a few times to fill all of the design and to break up any air bubbles. Let sit for at least a half hour. Remove from mold. They should pop out if done with a little pressure. Be careful as the handle is lighter then the middle and this can snap the handle off the grogger.

    Great for giving in your baskets.

    Candlycrafts also sells chocolate if you can't find it in a store near you. They also sell a great parave melting chocolate.

    If you wrap in a plastic baggie or cover with colored/or clear plastic wrap this would be very special for in side your Purim basket.

  • EASY Sugar Cookie Mix
    Purim Cookies.

  • When my children were in preschool they came home with Purim cookies. They loved them and wanted more. Many people of course have different traditions of cookie dough vs pastry dough desserts. I grew up with a yeast dough dessert. Of course my mother stopped making them years ago. She can't find her recipe. One of the rare moments when she used a recipe! So for years I have tried every cook book's or friend's family recipe for yeast dough. Still have not managed to get the light dough of my dreams. My kids of course could care less! So here is a version of the preschool recipe.

  • Buy sugar cookie mix from the store.
  • Add flour to make it a little stiffer.
  • Shape into a small circle using a glass or free form.
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon or so of jam, peanut butter with raisans, peanut butter with chocolate chips or whatever.
  • Fold three corners to center. Leaving some of the filling showing.
  • Bake until to done using the package directions as a guide.

  • When in doubt or no time...
    Buy from Jewish: Grocery Store, Day School or Purim Carnival.

  • For real Purim recipes, check out the WWW resources on this page.

    More recipes:

    From Shalom's Purim Pages

  • Purim Fruitcake
  • Hamantaschen - Pareve Cookie dough style
  • Hamantaschen - Yeast Dough - Dairy
  • Apricot filling ( parave}
  • Dried Cranberry and Sour Cherry Fillings (pareve)
  • Haman's Ears ( Orechhi Di Aman) (pareve)
  • Mohn (Poppy Seed ) Cookies pareve.
  • For more recipes from Shalom, go to their recipe archives:
    Purim Meals and more!


    The Resources pages got too long so they are now divided:

  • Jewish Resources and Supplies.
  • Parent/Teacher Resource Link Page
    Generic catalogs and ordering information plus other resource links.
  • Jewish Fun sites.
    Hundreds of Links to sites for reading Jewish stories, comic books, GAMES (for little and big kids), music, make email cards, Holiday fun, learn Hebrew and Yiddish words and MORE!

  • Shalom Y'ALL!

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