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Chadis Crafts' Chanukah Crafts, Links, Recipes and More!

Channukah, Hannukah, Hanukah, Chanukah.

Eileen's Original Chanukah Crafts:


Has Eileen's Original Beadie designs for Tie Dye Dreidel, Glow in the Dark Dreidel and Menorrah Beadies.

Let me know if you design any and I will add them to my site giving you credit or course. See my beadie animal page for 100's of general patterns and instructions.

  • Chanukah Candles - Rolled Beeswax Sheets

  • Clay Dreidels and Dreidel Charms.

  • Clay Stamps. Including Chanukah and Chanukah Jewelry.

    More designs and lessons coming.

    Don't miss Eileen Chadis Wood's
    Articles for

  • Chanukah Family Traditions and Crafts
  • Chanukah Beeswax Cookie Cutter Layered Table Candle
  • plus last years
  • Chanukah Crafts and Starting Your Own Family Tradition.
  • Chanukah Craft Ideas.
    This is a new list of more of my own Chanukah craft ideas as featured in article on Shalom Boston's Web site.

    Plus they have their own list of Chanukah Links.


    The Resources pages got too long so they are now divided:

  • Jewish Resources and Supplies.
  • Parent/Teacher Resource Link Page
    Generic catalogs and ordering information plus other resource links.
  • Jewish Fun sites.
    Hundreds of Links to sites for reading Jewish stories, comic books, GAMES ( for little and big kids), music, make email cards, Holiday fun, learn Hebrew and Yiddish words and MORE!
  • *Purim and *Passover
    Crafts, Recipes and Links Page.

  • Don't forget my Jewish Scouting Links.

  • Remember to hit reload ever time you come to Chadis Crafts, as I update frequently and most computer networks save old copies to "help" you.


    Jewish candy and chocolate molds. Some hard to find Jewish molds for making candy. If you buy extra you can use them for plaster, soap etc. Love the extra large seder plate mold, Purim molds and more! They sell supplies for soap and candies but you will have to check with them but they say many are Kosher. They just got in parave baking chocolate in white and dark. YUM! They have some great Chanukah molds, cookie cutters and supplies, including sugar shapes to put on cakes or cup cakes in the shape of driedels and Menorrahs!

    Wood kits sold in bulk. Purim, Chunukah, Shabbat and more. Groggers, dreidels, yads and more! All look to be in quality wood products perfect for the classroom, for home schoolers and camps. Sold individually and in bulk discounts.

  •'s Chanukah Pages
    Fun coloring pages.

  • Chanukah pages.
    They have Chanukah information, recipes, games and more!
    They have a Online Dreidel Game

  •'s Dreidel game
    Play Dreidel online game

  •'s dreidel cookie recipe
    Has a few other Jewish style recipes.

  • Chadis Crafts has a great selection of Chanukah Jewelry.
    Eileen's business site!

    Chadis Crafts' Chanukah Jewelry and gifts
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