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Chadis Crafts' Chanukah Crafts, Links, Recipes and More!

Channukah, Hannukah, Hanukah, Chanukah what ever you call it or how you spell it will happen from Sunset on December 6 until sunset Monday December 14, 2015

Eileen's Original Chanukah Crafts:


Has Eileen's Original Beadie designs for Tie Dye Dreidel, Glow in the Dark Dreidel and Menorrah Beadies.

Let me know if you design any and I will add them to my site giving you credit or course. See my beadie animal page for 100's of general patterns and instructions.

  • Chanukah Candles - Rolled Beeswax Sheets

  • Clay Dreidels and Dreidel Charms.

  • Clay Stamps. Including Chanukah and Chanukah Jewelry.

    More designs and lessons coming.

    Don't miss Eileen Chadis Wood's
    Articles for

  • Chanukah Family Traditions and Crafts
  • Chanukah Beeswax Cookie Cutter Layered Table Candle
  • plus last years
  • Chanukah Crafts and Starting Your Own Family Tradition.
  • Chanukah Craft Ideas.
    This is a new list of more of my own Chanukah craft ideas as featured in article on Shalom Boston's Web site.

    Plus they have their own list of Chanukah Links.


    The Resources pages got too long so they are now divided:

  • Jewish Resources and Supplies.
  • Parent/Teacher Resource Link Page
    Generic catalogs and ordering information plus other resource links.
  • Jewish Fun sites.
    Hundreds of Links to sites for reading Jewish stories, comic books, GAMES ( for little and big kids), music, make email cards, Holiday fun, learn Hebrew and Yiddish words and MORE!
  • *Purim and *Passover
    Crafts, Recipes and Links Page.

  • Don't forget my Jewish Scouting Links.

  • Remember to hit reload ever time you come to Chadis Crafts, as I update frequently and most computer networks save old copies to "help" you.



    Shop their store for a full line of Educational and Recreational Jewish software.
    Great for clip art for all of your scrapbooking, crafts and newsletters. Learn Hebrew and more!

    Shop S&S Worldwide

    Search using key words of Judaic or Jewish to find more crafts.

  • S & S Crafts.
    On-line and huge mail order cataloge. Has many ready-made kits in bulk for camps and schools in their large general catalogue.You will have to email or call to get their small Judaica Craft catalog.

    They are changing their product links.
    You will have to type in the words from the pictures below to find these products.
    I will update when they finish their updating.
    Supplies for all types of Temple or Shuls including:

  • Jewish Tradition Coloring Book - Chanukah
  • Hanukkah Window Clings
  • Chocolate Hanukkah Gelt
  • Hanukkah Jingo Game
  • White Chocolate Hanukkah Pops
  • Happy Hanukkah Hinged Foil Letter Banner
  • 18" Foil "Star of David" Hanukkah Balloons
  • Dreidel Garlands
  • Wooden Paint-a-Dreidel
  • Paint-A-Dreidel (pk/24)
    I used the wooden dreidels, painted them with sobo glue and let dry. Then I had my class cover with Sculpey clay canes we made. We used white sculpey to roll snakes and made the letters for the dreidel. Baked them. Came out cute! I will post the pictures soon.

    Jewish candy and chocolate molds. Some hard to find Jewish molds for making candy. If you buy extra you can use them for plaster, soap etc. Love the extra large seder plate mold, Purim molds and more! They sell supplies for soap and candies but you will have to check with them but they say many are Kosher. They just got in parave baking chocolate in white and dark. YUM! They have some great Chanukah molds, cookie cutters and supplies, including sugar shapes to put on cakes or cup cakes in the shape of driedels and Menorrahs!

    Wood kits sold in bulk. Purim, Chunukah, Shabbat and more. Groggers, dreidels, yads and more! All look to be in quality wood products perfect for the classroom, for home schoolers and camps. Sold individually and in bulk discounts.

  •'s Hanukah pages.
    Lessons,Recipes, games, clip art, cards and more.

  •'s Chanukah Pages
    Fun coloring pages.

  • Chanukah pages.
    They have Chanukah information, recipes, games and more!
    They have a Online Dreidel Game

  •'s Dreidel game
    Play Dreidel online game

  • Hershey's Chocolate's Dreidel Brownie Recipe


    Chanukah Coin Cookies

  •'s Java Dreidel Game

  • chanukah pages by's
    Blessings, poems, drawings and more. Has online dreidel game.A

  • Chanukah sliding puzzle.

  • Troop 8909 Dreidel Page.
    Dreidel game and some help earning a badge.

  •'s dreidel cookie recipe
    Has a few other Jewish style recipes.

  •'s Hanukah pages
    Ignor the dates on this one but some great stuff.
  • Recipes, games, clip art,and lots more.

  • Chadis Crafts has a great selection of Chanukah Jewelry.
    Eileen's business site!

    Chadis Crafts' Chanukah Jewelry and gifts

  • Eli

  • offers quality hand crafted wood pens, fountain pens, pencils, desk sets, magnafyers, flashlights and more! I was over whelmed when I saw the quality of these pens in person. Incredible! Wonderful assortment of different types of wood for you to choose from. Custom orders accepted. A perfect gift for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. They even have a Star of David emblem that can be added to the pen. Also perfect for a retirement gift etc.

    eliwoodcrafts' Gibson Girl Pen.
    Is my personal favorite. Perfect for my carpal tunnel hands! Email him your questions.

  • Lori's Crafts
    Chadis Crafts' visiting artist. Now also has her OWN Web site. She has many Jewish fabric crafts including Chanukah. With more coming. Insulated lunch bags, tote bags, challah covers, fabric bowls, tallit bags. Many come in holiday fabric. I just love her Chanukah Bowls. She has many different shapes and patterns.

    Lori has great machine embroidery including all Jewish holidays


    Goldie Silberberg
    the great paper cut artist has a free Chanukah Card project on her website.
  • Crochet Today magazine's
    November 2008 edition
    Chanukah Menorah

  • HGTV's Needlepoint Dreidel

  •'s Hanukkah Coasters
    Sewing and embroidery project

  • Sold on Etsy by Acacheofjewels
  • Buy a pattern for a blanket or wall hanging that is knitted for Chanukah using the Illusion Knitted method. A great design by acacheofjewels.

  • To see more Jewish Needlecrafts see my NEW expanded page on Jewish Needlecrafts
  •'s polymer clay site has new Chanukah craft projects!

    Children's Menorah Designed by Lisa Pavelka

    Chanukah Candle Box Designed By Amy Koranek and Iris Weiss

    Eraser Clay Dreidel Designed by Susan Berkowitz

    Chanukah Candle Holder Designed by Gerri Newfry

  • Lionbrand Yarn

    Catnip Dreidels by Lion Brand

  • Jewish Nature Center's Chanukiah
    The Jewish Nature Center has many unique Jewish Crafts using things from nature such as bark, sand etc to make things. They have a couple of Chanukah candles and Mennorahs (Chanukiahs) as well as other great crafts.

  • The Chanukah Miracles in Chelm, by Ronin I. Wood
    A featured link in the Jerusalem Report Dec. 2004 magazine pointed this story out. Which reminded me that I had not linked to this site. Great story written by an 11 year old.. Ok it is my own son, Ronin now 19! Chelm stories were always a favorite Yiddish story when I was a child. I read some to Ronin when he was a young child. He continued to read them on his own when he got older. This story was one of three he wrote for homework while at the Hebrew Academy of Tidewater. (Virginia)To see the other two stories, A Tale from Chelm" and " Counting High in Chelm." They are very short.

  • Paper
    Paper Stuff for kids and grown-ups. Has great printable sheets for printing. You print them out and they show you how to fold into a toy. 100's of patterns! Cars, buildings, paper dolls, hats, crowns and more! You can print many in color or color them yourself. Check out their Chanukah menorah to cut out, color and it stands! Plus gift boxes to fold for Mom's and Dad's presents.

  • HGTV's Clay Hanukkah Candle Box
    Polymer clay gift box with a menorah design.


    Shabbat Lights offers incredible GLASS CANDLES that use liquid parafin. They come in two beautiful shapes and fit most conventional candlesticks. They can be adjusted to burn between 2 and 6 hours. They now offer these lights to fit into many Chanukiah's see Chanukah lights. There glass candles would make wonderful Chanukah, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah gift or just something special for yourself! We love ours!

  • Chanukah Page. Includes Print a dreidel to make one out of cardboard. PLUS THE DIRECTIONS FOR DRIEDEL GAME.

  • Virtual Jerusalem
    1000's of Links to Israel, fun, crafts, games and information on Jewish Holidays, Hebrew lessons and more. Including Chanukah. Judiasm sites A huge resource. It has crafts for holidays etc. You can also use their search engine to find more.

  • Maven Has a huge list of Jewish links including over 98 Chanukah sites.

  • Making Friends Store

    Also has great craft lessons!
    Including featuring two of my Jewish bead patterns with great diagrams and instructions. One for my dreidel pony beadie and the other for a Star of David beadie.

    Making Friends.Com - Bible Themes has some crafts that can be adapted for a Jewish setting. In addition to the new style paper dolls discussed on my General Crafts page, the Theme section of Making Friends includes clothes from the bible to use on their paper dolls. The children can color and decorate the clothes. Suitable for Chanukah stories and plays!

  • Homeschoolzone's Pitter Patter Craft Library.
    WoW! Some really great and unusual crafts! It has been around for awhile, don't know how I could miss this! I am listing it main craft (100s and 100s) on my Basic Craft pages. It does have * Holidays. Including a few Chanukah Crafts, Recipes and Book Suggestions.

    Pre-school activities, crafts and lessons. Huge resources! Many subjects and holidays including Chanukah.

  • Torah Tots.Com.
    Great religious education site for young children. It includes: games, stories, educational links, music and more. It also sells baseball style cards about the Torah called "Torah Cards" to collect. It has *Fun and Games as well as Coloring pages suitable to use in : Preschools , Day schools and Sunday Schools as print outs, craft projects or to just for fun to color on the computer. It includes coloring pages for *Chanukah.

  • JOANN Fabric and Crafts stores has many general craft projects for adults and children. They include a few with Judaic themes including: decorating for Channukah and for a Making a Children's Menorah.

  • Holidays on the Net An award winning site. Has Holiday information, stories, games, crafts, greeting cards, links, teachers guides and MORE! Holidays include Chanukah and more.

  • Kid's Domain.ComHas PC and Mac Shareware and Freeware Programs for Kids recommended by families and teachers. Demos, reviews, programming for kids, and graphics. Holiday pages with mazes, puzzles, software, and crafts. Chanukah Crafts Including: * wooden Driedle and *felt dreidel pin and more!

  • AKHLAH: The Jewish Children's Learning Network
    Fun with Jewish and Hebrew lessons. Learn about Heroes, holidays, Israel, Parshas and Hebrew. Includes great coloring pages including Alphabet posters.

  • Sephardic Rock Group DeLeon's Chanukah video
  • I love this rock band. Saw them live in Norfolk, VA. Check their great music out on My space

  • Nefest v Nefesth Chanukah video

    2003 pre You tube animated Chanukah version of Outcast's Hey Ya reposted on you tube

    Eran Baron Cohen - Songs In The Key Of Hanukkah
    Buy the CD or MP3 and help support this webpage.

  • AGAIN!
    Stories, videos, crafts,recipes, songs, lessons and more on Chunukah. Its great. Has some new Hanukah E Cards for you to send to your friends.

    Hanukat store!
    Great and cute Hanukat products.

    Great videos including Hanukat Montana!
    Hanna Montana and Hanukat!

  • Hanukat Meets Obama

    Hanukat Montana
    Hanna Montana and Hanukat!

    To see more Hanukat fun click here!
    Chipmunt Chanukah

    Chanukah sing along with "Chanukah Planet Matzah Ball."
    To see more Jewish U-Tube videos click here.

  • Another Huge site has Hanukkah crafts.. It has many other crafts, parent ideas, recipes and more.

  • Has some Jewish information. Including's Hanukah pages. Some crafts and many coloring pages. This site is huge it has many holidays, crafts, recipes and more. Great for homeschoolers.

  • holiday PagesSome how this great site was lost in my bookmarks! Great Educational site for adults also has holiday information and fun activities for children.

  • ACMOORE store's Pony Bead Chanukah Menorah

  •'s Chanukah crafts
    Really cute and simple crafts for preschools.

  • Chanukah Music

  • Zagit-Zviya Netter's Songs
    Has Chanukah songs.
    I had this site listed on other pages just remembered to put the Chanukah songs here.

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  • Beaded and Charm Jewelry:
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