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Havdallah Rolled Beeswax Sheet Candles
LEVEL: Preschool to Adult

What is Havdallah?
Havdallah is the special time/service on Saturday night.
It starts when you see the first star in the sky.
This signals the end of Shabbat and the start of the work week.
Prayers are said over Wine, Spices and Candles.
They are to show a seperation of the holy from the rest of the week.
There are many special customs and prayers to make this a special time.(see My Jewish Resource page for more information.)

Havdallah candles come in all sizes and shapes.
All though have two or more wicks.
They symbolize the togetherness of the holy and the profane.
Its flame should burn really bright to symbolize:
boldness and self confidence
love and harmony
that we get by being together on the Shabbat.
Many people buy very large and since they are handmade very expensive Havdallah candles.
They do this because the candle is only used for a couple of minutes and then put out.
So a Havdallah candle handled properly could last months!

Havdallah Rolled Beeswax Sheet Candles
General Directions:
  • Use thin wicks, not wire wicks, as it will cause the wax to burn too hot.
  • Tightly but gently roll all candles. (Air/bubbles will also cause them to burn too fast.)
  • I used a safety metal cutter for cutting cane/polymer clay slices. Safe around children

  • Style #1 Twisted taper 8"

    Materials for one :
  • 2 8 1/2" Thin (small bleached) wicks
  • 2 right triangle sheets of wax (different colors) made from 1/4 sheets. Total for one candle = 1/2 sheet.
  • Sheet of Wax paper or parchment paper to work on.
  • Computer label to write children's name on

  • Directions:
  • 1 Place sheet long wise.
  • 2 Cut into two 8" squares.
  • 3 Cut each square diagonally. (now you have 4 right triangles.)

  • 4 Take two triangles (place like a right triangle) put one on top of the other but NOT even. Raise second 1/2" or more.
  • 5 place one wick on to the bottom edge of the triangle. Press gently. A small amount should be left over the edge.
  • 6 Roll and gently press down JUST covering the wick. (about 1/4")
  • 7 Keep rolling and gently pressing VERY little at a time.
  • 8 Place second wick after one or two turns.
  • 9 Roll until done.
  • 10 Gently press and roll out any air pockets.
  • 11 Write child's name on label and place on finished candle.

  • Style #2 Twisted taper 8" Thin

    Material needed for one:

  • 2 different colors of wax = 1/8 size triangles of wax. (rest of materials are the same as above.)
  • Directions:
  • 1 Lay each sheet down lengthwise.
  • 2 Cut sheet in middle.
  • 3 Cut half diagnally
  • 4 Cut each 1/4 in half diagnally. (you now have 8 right triangles)
  • See directions above from step 4 on.

  • Style #3 3 Thin Tapers Briaded 8"


  • 3 pieces of wax 8" by 2"
    (The rest of materials are the same as above.)

  • Directions:

  • Take sheet of wax, lay down on surface horizontally.
  • Cut wax into two pieces. (now you have 2 squares)
  • Take 1 square and cut width into 4 pieces. 8" by 2"
  • Repeat until you have 3 sheets of different colors.
  • Roll each sheet seperately into long thin candles
  • When you have finished and have 3 tapers, place them side by side and carefully braid them.
  • Gently press ends together so they lay side by side but are touching/stuck next to each other.

  • Tips:
    After helping 100 plus kids and grown ups make Havdallah candles, I had some adults have some great success with the braided candles. They DID NOT put the candles down on the table but braided them in their hands. This prevented the pressure from being down on the table that caused flattening.

    If you make the sheets larger the candles will be stronger and look more like a commercially made one.


    Thanks to Jill W. for designing these great candles.

    Beeswax honecomb sheets can be also used and come in more colors.

    As the parafin sheets are much easier to roll and braid, then beeswax, this is easier than it looks.

    Three pieces of wax cut into a rectangle are rolled individually with a wick inside.

    We used as suggested by the manufactor a waxed NONwire core wick.

    The wire would burn the candle too fast.
    The candles were layed down or held in your hand a braided like you would braid your hair or bread.
    If the student makes some cracks or mistakes just roll tightly together and the warmth of your hands will fix it.

    If using beeswax honecomb sheets, be sure to keep wrapped in plastic when not used. (Same for parafin sheets but more so with beeswax.)

    Check out my Candle Page for more information on making candles and some pros and cons of parafin vs. beeswax

    For more information about making candles and where to buy the supplies check out

    See my Chanukah candles pages for information on making Chanukah and rolled taper candles using beeswax or parafin wax. - Candles and Judaism
    Prayers and candle lighting times.

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