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Jewish Craft Supplies

This page was designed to help parents, scout leaders and teachers
find information about crafts and where to order often hard to find supplies.
As a former teacher trainer and member of many education committees,
I just can't resist listing sites I find on the net that look helpful to teachers.

I have divided this page (again and again!) into three pages.
This page for supply sources plus Parent/Teacher Resource Page
for resources that are of general interest and
Jewish Parent/Teacher Resource Page.
I suggest that Jewish teachers look carefully through both pages
as many of the basic skills and lessons listed are invaluable
and can be applied to any setting.


Need Supplies Or ideas?

Check out these other sites.

Check out their new and improved website.
They carry many waxes including beeswax sheets.
  • offers candles and candle making supplies.
    They also have beeswax sheets.
    They have candle and soap paints, molds and more!
    Watch for more candles projects as I am buying some of their paints.

  • Making Friends Store

    Need beads? Scout craft supplies?
    Basic kids craft supplies?
    Bulk packs for scouts, Sunday school teachers, home schoolers and more!
    Check this store out.
    Also great craft lessons!
    Making Friends is a personal favorite of mine for crafts and bead projects.
    This constant changing craft site has added a book and craft store.
    It is offering some unique and her own original craft books for:
    general crafts, scouting and of course some great original beadie project patterns. - On line Art Supplies

    Dick Blick Offers For Sale:
    Clay, Silver art clay, PMC clay, Clay Tools Including Pasta Machines, Art Supplies and Craft Supplies.
    Hot Deals of the Week!

    Dick Blick also offers a
    Free 480-page Art Supply Catalog!

  • Janie's Coloring Hats
    Hats to color for all occasions, holidays, camps, birthday parties etc.
    Great pictures and very reasonably priced.
    Perfect for classes, camps, libraries, zoos and more that need a creative project.
    Pictures printed on the hats are great and real fun looking.
    Plus large area left for child to individualized and add his or her own creative designs.

  • Jackkyll Scraps- Rainbow of Cardstock
    Store for scrapbooking and other paper crafts.

    Oils for soaps, candles and more.

  • Check out my needlecraft pages for links to yarn companies.
  • by Boston Clayworks.
    Great kits for covering with polymer clay. Quality parts.
    Kaleidoscopes, Magnifiers, perfume, clocks, pens and more.
    For professional crafter or student.
    Metal, wood parts ready to cover with polymer clay with suggestions on how to do it.
    Looks great!

    Stain Glass patterns for sale.
    Has some Jewish ones too.
    Can possibly be used for other crafts.

  • Magic Needle
    Hand Painted Needlepoint canvases for sale. Some Jewish ones too.

    Cutting tools and other products for:
    scrapbooking, rubber stamping, quilting and more.
    Includes die cuts for most religions.

  • Discount School Supply
    A great catalog I have used for a few years.
    Has an online store.
    General craft supplies including:
    fuse beads, paint (many exclusive brands and messless supplies), bulk packs of beads, (including animal beads that I just love) paper, school furniture and more!
    Even I can not resist using the paint, bingo bottles
    and other clean paint stuff from the Discount School Supply.
    The kids love their craft/paint suggestions including making silly putty.

  • Design Originals
    Publishes Craft books on many subjects including:
    many on beadie animals, hemp, mosaics, tin, felt, wire, beading and more.
    Now has a catalog and an online store. Great books!

  • Enterprise Art has for sale the Beady Bead Kits even in large group packs.
    Also has bead supplies, tools, and Beanie baby supplies.
    It looks like a full service store (Florida) with an on-line catalog.
    Their supply catalog and it has many interesting beads, including;
    pony beads/kits and many different bead craft projects.
    They carry a lot of Christian craft supplies too.

  • Shrinky
    The web site with info on wholesale and group packs
    for the popular Shrink Art projects.
    Even the youngest child can color using colored pencils
    or what ever for the older child.
    They now carry kits and dark color sheets (black and brown)
    plus some great ideas/supplies for stamping/inking designs.

  • Bolek's Craft Supplies Inc.
    Craft Supply company for many different craft items.
    It offerers a large number of different beads, including pony beads.
    Now has a web page plus info on ordering a full catalog.

  • Rings&Things
    Wholesale supplies for jewelry and bead professionals.
    You need a business license to order from this source.
    (I think they will work with non profits, but you need to ask)
    They have all jewelry supplies. They also sell clay and friendly plastic.
    Most other sources and craft stores seem to not carry friendly plastic any more.

    Publishers of Pack of Fun and other craft magazines.
    It has a great list of web addresses for ordering craft supplies.
    Many are for hard to find craft items.

  • Jacquard
    Paint and Paint kits for painting on cloth.

  •'s Arts and Crafts ideas.
    A web site for many educational products and companies.
    It has some very interesting craft projects.

    Is a wholesale florist supply company.
    It has a Learning Center with great
    crafts that use dried flowers, potpourri and more.
    Also has great Link page with sources for supplies and weddings crafts etc.

  • The Source
    The official supply center for OrigamiUSA has books and papers and more.

    Huge site with on-line catalog, crafting ideas for adults and children.

  • Crafty Kids Kit Catalog
    Beadie kits, Jewelry, magnets and more.

    I really like these wires.
    Works great with preschoolers for stringing beads for bracelets.
    They can control holding the wire better than cord or string.
    You can order the wires on line.
    They also offer some really interesting art supplies
    with warmers for melting candy, wax etc.
    Tools for wax art and other electric craft tools.

  • Klutz Books
    Has a fun site with a store to buy and look at their great books on crafts and fun things.
    I personally use the clay books when teaching.
    The first one of their books was my first book on polymer clay.

    Australian Craft Company sells international.
    Has unique kits including therapy crafts.
    Also has a long list of free craft projects.

    A great craft web site and PBS Television show
    "Hands on Crafts for Kids Television".
    Lots of craft projects.
    They also like to feature craft stories about projects
    that are used for charity or helping people.
    They also produce books.
  • S & S World Wide

    Shop S&S Worldwide
  • S & S World Wide
    Offers arts and craft supplies plus craft kits. Also offers a large section on christian crafts and resources.
    (Search on Christian Resources.)

    They do offer some Jewish crafts supplies.
    (see my Jewish Crafts pages for direct links.)
    Has many ready-made kits in bulk for camps and schools in their large general catalog.
    Has lots of general craft supplies: clay, beads, wood, plaster, gymp
    (they call it lacing), copper rubbing, and more!
    (Including a great source of: large rolls of wide and pattern gymp, gymp books and supplies.)
    You will have to email or call to get their small Judiaca Craft catalog.

    See My Jewish Supply pages for more Jewish Crafts from S & S Worldwide.

    For more wax, candle etc molds and candle wax from S & S see My candle/soap pages

    See my camp picture pages for more copper craft molds and other plastic molds.
    Joann has a new huge selection of products called Kids Camp.
    Great kits for summer camps or fun at home.
    Plus more activities kits called shoebox


  • Hemp Sisters Inc.
    Has hemp and macrame cord.
    Also Supplies. It also sells other hemp products to wear etc.

  • Lumina's
    Candle making supplies and great directions.
    Also has a great link page with includes many more sites and sources for supplies for:
    candles, soaps and scents.

    Soap making supplies and fragrant oils. It also has LIP BALM SUPPLIES! How cool is that?

    Candy, cake and soap molds and supplies. Including some hard to find ones.
    Candy molds can be used for soap, plaster and more.
    Just make sure once you use it for non food you don't use it for food again.
    They are cheap enough to get more than one.
    They have some great religious ones including Jewish ones.

    Carries a FULL line of craft materials. Including more sewing,country crafts and floral supplies then most other companies.

    Rubber stamps plus some unusual products for the real creative stamper. Glazes, brushes and some great projects.

  • Ruth's Jewish Stamps
    Another great source for rubber stamps including Jewish ones.

    The embellishment people!
    Owners of Ruth's Jewish Rubber Stamps and MNC Rubber Stamp Studio.
    They have great free projects idea pages and sell some really unique tools and embellishments. Crystals etc you can hot iron onto fabrics and more!

  • Zum Gali Gali Rubber Stamps.
    After many requests, finally found a company that specializes in Rubber stamps.
    They make their own designs and even has a
    huge number of Jewish Rubber Stamps and scenes of New England!
    Some are pictured online but you can buy a catalog to see their full line.

  • Concepts in Candy.
    Has candy/chocolate molds for all occasions and many religions.
    These molds are very inexpensive.
    I have used some like this for plaster molds.
    Remember get a second set.
    Don't use for food and plaster.

  • Acitva Products
    Sells unusual craft kits, a huge selection of plastic molds for plaster,
    casting supplies, sand, string art and more!

  • Pepperell Braiding Company- wholesale only
    The makers of many of the gymp/plastic lacing/lanyards we all grew up with.
    It has other products like:
    candle wicks, macrame cords and kits, hemp, knitting spool and mini weaving frames.
    Would you believe they also sell aluminum chair frames you can braid/weave seats for?

    Pepperell recommends or has sister websites.
    They confuse me on which is which but check them out.
    Stretch Magic, Rexlace, Senior craft kits, Shoe box kits, Add - a - Charms,
    SoftGlass - Jewelry Tubing, Bulk Craft Kits and more

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