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    A wonderful site just came online and has a fan page on Facebook too. Hundreds of videos in many languages for preschool and young children, including Hebrew. They even have the Israeli Sesame Street that was a must when my kids were little. But I had to by the VHS tapes to see them. Now they are online. For parents and teachers you might have to make a profile saying you are a kid for now. They are working on adding a parent/teacher feature.

  • Shemesh Show

    from Israel but in English. Torah Fun. Educational and fun videos and more for children.

  • Jewish Videos on the internet.

    I am hosting these videos on this site
    as often with YouTube and other videos,
    they might link to videos that
    may not be appropriate for some of my visitors.
    Jewish High Holiday Fun Videos
    DeLeon - NY group. Sephardic Rock! Amazing in person!

    Sam Goldberg's 13 Best Jewish Comedians

    Adam Lambert from American Idol Singing in Hebrew!

    Jewish Sand Art Videos
    Ilana Yahav

    In Honor of Israel at 60 By Detroit Federation


    Baby Sandy

    Sand Show 2
    Shows live performance and how the film is made

    Jewish FUN Videos Made By Teens

    Jewish Holiday Videos

    Songs in the Key of Hanukah By Erran Baron Cohen

    Buy the CD or MP3 and help support this webpage.

    Hanukat Meets Obama

    Hanukat Montana
    Hanna Montana and Hanukat!

    To see more Hanukat fun click here!

    Websites with Jewish Fun Videos Made By Teens

  • Atz Chaim USY Mr. Seaboard videos
    My sons' USY Chapter.
    12th grade boys compete for title of Mr. Seaboard (VA. MD.NC region) with money raised going to charity.

  • Better Jewish Entertainment
    Has lots of funny Jewish videos. Has some connection to Chabbad movement.

  • Jewish Educational Videos hosted by Camp S'dei Chemed site

  • CAUTION- To see Educational, Holocaust and other Serious Jewish Videos

    Visit our pages for more Jewish fun
    See my Fun Page Jewish Fun Sites.

    Fun Sites are Non Craft sites of interest to children, parents and youth professionals. Many are geared to young children for at home or preschool use. I especially like finding games and stories for K-6. ( The age of my children.) But I have a soft spot in finding craft and fun sites for teens too. Some might even be educational. (Sorry kids but education can be fun too!)

  • Eileen's Purim Page Purim=Fun and Passover Page. Check out my new pages for fun crafts, recipes and games.
  • Eileen's Chanukah Pages

    For other Jewish holidays see my site Jewish Crafts pages.

    Chadis Crafts' Fun Pages'
    Mini Stores from

    Jewish Fun Apparel
    Purim Costumes, Chanukah Matisyahu, Israeli and Jewish Sayings on Shirts, Sweatshirts, Ties, Aprons and more!

    World Music Teen's Love
    Klezmer,DeLeon, Gypsy, Matisyahu,Golem, Balkan Beat Box, Gogol Bordello, Miri Ben Ari and More

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