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Fabric Crafts, Knitting, Crocheting,Quilting, Embroidery, Sewing, No Sew Projects and more!

I have finally given my Needlecraft links their own page!

For Braiding, gymp and laceing see my see my Braiding pages.

  • Eileen's FUN Eyelash and Speciality Yarn Projects
    Great, Quick Projects for All Level Knitters and Crocheters.


    Bowl Made and Offered for sale by Lori's Crafts
    The latest in fabric craft crazes!
    Sewing fabric bowls. The books offered on this page can get you started.
    If you have not seen or heard of these bowls they are really incredible.

    Sewn in multiple layers of print material.
    They are reversible and usually washable.
    Cloth is fused to a stiff material called Timtex and then machine sewn with colored threads like you make darts.

    To see examples of bowls for sale see my friend Lori's Crafts

    Lori now has pictures of her fabric boxes. I love the Fabric Recipe Boxes and Fabric "Chinese Take Out" Boxes.

    She has been busy working on making her own full website. So check out her official web site!

    Links about fabric bowls and fabric crafts

  • Home and Garden TV's Fabulous Fabric Bowls
    Free Instructions and supply sources.
  •'s Bowled over
    More instructions and resources.
    Kaye Wood's Quilting Friends! on PBS will be offering lessons on fabric bowls offers quilting supplies, lessons and tips.
  • First Order ships for $2.95 Coupon Corner
    Interfacings, fusibles, and stabilizers at
    Great source for fabric, sewing notions, patterns and more

  • The CraftyNeedle (California Stitchery)
    As California Stitchery and Crafty Needle they had been in business for over 20 years. Now Crafty Needle has new owners and moved to Florida. Lots of new things. You'll find: stamped cross stitch, counted cross stitch, crewel embroidery, paint by number, longstitch, crochet, latch hook, and any other kind of stitchery here. They also do custom designs. They also have a large selection of Jewish kits. They are constantly adding more designs to their extensive collection of handpainted needlepoint kits for Tallis Bags and Tallis (attarahs)collars.

  • More Books from AMAZON.COM

    Click on these buy today and help support Chadis Crafts's Fun Pages free lessons.

    Check out the Best Buy Prices!

    You pay a flat shipping rate from all of's marketplace sellers BUT often only a small fraction of the new price!
    I have bought many books this way and have been totally pleased

    Fast Fun & Easy Bowls, Easy Boxes and
    Easy Vases
    Books by Linda Johnson

    Other Books For Making Bowls, Bags and Fusing Fun

    Blogs with Jewish Crafts/Needlecrafts

  • JudaicaJournal by Dr. Mom. Wife, Mother, Doctor, Artist.
    Has a blog with incredible pictures of Judica including
    needlecrafts and Jewish Embroidery. Great inspiration.

  • $5.00 off $99.00 or more use code take5dollaroff
    5%off purchases $199 use code take5off.
    6% off purchases of $599 or more use code take8off
    expires 10/23/10
  • Craft Stew's Needlepoint Torah Picture

    Craft Stew is a great craft blog that has some Jewish crafts.

  •'s Hanukkah Coasters
    Sewing and embroidery project

  • Knitting Machines
    Might work for Tallits?

  • Bond Ultimate sweater machine. They have lots of tips and free lessons on the manufactures pages.

  • From my research it seems the best buy is to buy the deluxe model. It comes with an extension, counter and the attachment to make designs into your knitting.
    You can buy it from the manufacturer, and
    For some of the little extra accessories and little tools you will have to go to Bond the manufacturer.

    Eileen just treated herself for the holidays to a DELUXE ULTIMATE SWEATER MACHINE.

    Shop their store for a full line of Educational and Recreational Jewish software.
    Some of the pictures and clip art they sell can be digitized for your embroidery machines if you already own a digitizer.

    Often have FREE CD NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! JUST PAY SHIPPING! Supplies are limited!

    Lionbrand Yarn

    Catnip Dreidels by Lion Brand

  • Interweave Knits Magazine's Knit Chuppah.
    You can still get their back issues of Summer 2007 edition
    It has a knit lace Chuppah pattern by Kat Coyle

  • HGTV's Needlepoint Dreidel

  • Crochet Today magazine's November 2008 edition Chanukah Menorah
  • To buy the yarn or to see what yarn is needed go to Yarn Collection from Herrshners

  • Sold on Etsy by Acacheofjewels
  • Buy a pattern for a blanket or wall hanging that is knitted for Chanukah using the Illusion Knitted method. A great design by acacheofjewels.

  • Chadis Crafts' Fun Pages Mini Stores
    from and more.

    Felting, Knitting and Crocheting Books,Magazines, Supplies and more!
    Have moved to their own pages.

  • Chadis Crafts' Felting Supplies and Books

  • Chadis Crafts' Knitting & Crocheting - Books & Magazines
  • Jewish crocheting
  • Knitting and Crocheting Shawls, Ponchos and more.
  • Fast, unusual, plus size knitting and crocheting
  • Knitting on looms
  • Making Hawaiian Leis (ribbon, eyelash yarn and more)
  • Crocheting and Knitting Purses
  • Japanese Crocheting
  • Just a few of the books!


    Jewish Needlecrafts

    Finally getting long enough to seperate into a group of it's own!
    To see general needlecraft lessons and links go to my Needlecraft pages.

    A first for Chadiscrafts, Eileen is asking all of her followers to check out these amazing college students' senior project.
    Yes, these are friends of my sons that attend Maryland Institute College of Art In Baltimore, MD
    But their project is amazing.
    Consider it a crafters tzedakah project!
    They will be taking a stash of fabric scraps from a grandmother, digitizing and making new fabric that they will then sew into clothes and hats.
    Their project is to have 2 full fashion shows.
    Handmade clothes and millinary hats!
    Please look at the video for this amazing kickstarter project.

    Click here "MAmA Said"to go to the kickstarter page for the full description
    Their goal is to raise $1,200 by Feb. 23.
    Every dollar counts! Remember this is a pledge, as with all kickstarter projects, if they do not reach their goal, it costs you nothing. Pledge from $1 to $500.
    Please support these young artists.
    They more than doubled their goal. Thanks to all that supported them.

    Alphabet Charts

  • Judaiquilt's
    Hebrew Alphabet paper foundation pattern quilts
  • Loom Beading English Alphabet charts by
    Although printed for bead looming the same chart can be used by counting for cross stitch, crocheting and knitting names into designs and yarmulkahs

  • Yarmulkah Patterns

    Thanks to Ilana from the J-Craft group for finding some of the links
    in this list of yarmulkah patterns.


  • Kippah patterns by Jennifer Tocker
  • More knitted kippot from Jennifer Tocker

  • Knitted pattern for Bukharin Yarmulkah
    From k2p2 Rebecca's Knitting Blog

  • Keppie pattern Bukaharan style from

  • Yarnaholic Confessions Knitting kippot
    Great advice on yarn and stitches for fancier kippot.

  • Crocheted:

  • Chadis Crafts and Kippot
    My other site.
    Although this is my business site and does not have patterns,
    it does show pictures of crocheted Kippot/Yarmulkas.
    Remember the designs are copy protected
    They may inspire your own designs.

  • Chadis Crafts' Fun Pages- Scouting Pages
    Chart for adding Boy Scout emblem and initials
    into a crocheted yarmulkah. By Arlene Bernhardt.

  • Crocheted yarmulkah By Hilary Murphy

  • The Accidental Kippah

  • Shoshi'e Crocheted Scarf liner (Yarmulkah like)

  • Star of David Yarmulkah by Malca Bayzman

  • 6millionstitches
    Gallery of many Jewish needlecrafts.
    It has a few unique ladies yarmulkahs with patterns .
    (see their Ladies Lace with directions page 2)
    They give instructions, basicly for free,
    they just ask you give a $1.00 donation to the Holocaust Memorial Museum.
    A great cause to donate to!

  • Shalom's Fishy Boy's Stars & Stripes Kippah By Karla Hailer-Fidelman

  • Crochet Partners' Yarmulka designed by Ruth Wenig
    Crochet Partners moved to a yahoo group. You will have to join, it's free, to get to this pattern

  •'s doiles
    For those that want headcovers that look like doiles. Here are some actual doily patterns. These are beautiful. Some have rounded edges but others can be made round if you want. More doily patterns by Patty
    Some uses yarn others cotton threads, you can choice which you want for either.

  • See amazon books listed below for yarmulkah pattern design book.
    THE CLASSIC for adding border designs,
    names in English and Hebrew and more.

    Hand painted kit:

  • The CraftyNeedle (California Stitchery)
    As California Stitchery, they been in business for over 20 years.
    You'll find: stamped cross stitch, counted cross stitch, crewel embroidery,
    paint by number, longstitch, crochet, latch hook, and more.
    They also do custom designs.
    They also have a large selection of Jewish kits.
    They are constantly adding more designs to their extensive collection
    of handpainted needlepoint kits for Tallis Bags and Tallis (attarahs)collars.
    They also have kits and patterns for needlepoint, crocheted and other Yarmulkahs.

  • Wire Kippot

    Although not needle crafts like the rest of this page, I wanted to list these with other patterns for yarmulkahs out there on the web.
  • Byado Kippot's wire and bead yarmulkah instructions
    One of the many crafts people selling hand crafted kippot has generously offered instructions for those that want to try one themselves. Of course as what often happens with most crafts, unless you are making many of them, the cost of supplies and tools seems to suggest you are better off buying one of her lovely ones. Especially with a craft like this that has costly materials that can be ruined in your early attempts.

  • Cloth and Paper Yarmulkah patterns

  • Judaiquilt's

    amazing new books!
    you can buy the sewing yarmulkah book from the author as a book or download. The paper folding Origami book is a download from the author.

  • Have a pattern or craft to share?
    I am always looking for new patterns and crafts to post on my site.
    Giving you credit of course.

    Jewish Needlecrafts resources:

  • also sells embroidery designs including the following Jewish CD

    Cactus Punch HE03 Jewish Holidays Embroidery CD

    Chanukah designs cd

    Cactus Punch Lite CPL03 Chanukah designs CD

    Hebrew font CD

    Embroideryarts Hebrew Fonts Floppy Disk


    Search on Jewish for machine embroidery designs to buy for:
    Dreidel,Menorah, Star of David and Hanukkah

    Use the coupons on my site and save even on the sale Chanukah/Jewish fabric at 40% OFF the regular price of 1 item at! - Free Embroidery Design!

    Search on Hanukah and 4 fabrics show up. Dreidel, Damash, Menorah and stars plus a year round star of David print cotton. All on sale!

    First Order ships for $2.95 Coupon Corner
    Search on Alexander Henry Fabric for some Jewish Fabric.
    They make new Jewish Fabric every year.
    Great source for Jewish fabrics and craft supplies.

    Resources and Links for Jewish Fabric crafts.
    Supply sources, pattern sites and more!
    A great resource page. She sells wonderful resoures for Quilt making. Plus lots of free stuff. Love her downloads and new book for sewing cloth yarmulkahs and even folding paper Yarmulkahs you can wear. (see yarmulkah section for more info)

  • <
  • Judaic Crafts a Chez Alaine
    Diagrams including many Hebrew Alphabets counted out
    and some patterns for popular words in Hebrew.

  • Biaclac's
    Sells their own hand made Jewish kits for:
    needlepoint, cross-stitch and ceramic bisque.

  • MAPdesigns
    A needle work studio that produces kits for stores.
    She has links to stores that carry her products.
    She has a wide range of beginner kits including a few Jewish ones.

  • 6millionstitches
    Gallery of many Jewish needlecrafts:
    Quilts, needlepoint, counted cross stitch,
    samplers,ribbon embroidery, silk sewing tallit,
    off loom bead weaving,crocheted yarmulkahs,
    knitting and more in very unique projects.
    They give instructions, basicly for free,
    they just ask you give a $1.00 donation
    to the Holocaust Memorial Museum.
    A great cause to donate to!

  • stiches by sue

    Judaic machine embroidery patterns.

    Incredible! Some free. Some great sets to buy.

  • Lion brand yarn felted afikomen bag.
    Knitted pattern using wool that is then felted.
    The process where you wet wool so it shrinks together into a piece of fabric.
    Lion brand even has a stencil for the HEBREW letters!
    Wonderful seeing this online!

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