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Links to the best sites for Beadie Animals on the Web:

Hundreds of Free Patterns! Including my own beadie pages!

A long time favorite! Suitable for 7 years old and up. But a parent or teacher and a younger child could work together. It uses large holed beads called pony beads to weave into an animal suitable for hanging as a key chain.

Many older children use thin beading wire and seed/Indian beads to make a miniature animal that they use for earrings or on a chain. Children have been known to make many animals and hang 1 pound of more of animals on their camp bags.

When school started, they excitedly switched them to their school backpacks. Most teachers have been patient with them. Hopefully they will not make too much noise in the halls as the critters hit each other.

A suggestion of Making is to use their new Itty Beadie patterns to put on shoes and shoe laces! Will that also be too distracting for school?

Our own new designs.


JEWISH BEADIE PROJECTS (Bible and Holiday Symbols).

My original designs! I have had many requests for Jewish Patterns. (Lots of crosses out there but nothing Jewish.) So my boys and I have made some Jewish Symbols to get you started. Updated with instruction, better pictures and more patterns!

It was suggested that I call these Bible and Jewish Holiday symbols as some patterns ( Ten Commandments, candles etc. can be used in many religions!)

Beaded Glow in the Dark Queen's and King's Crowns.

Perfect for Purim, Halloween or just dress up!

Day Night Bracelet and Bracelet Key Chain. Our original craft. An easy project using glow in the dark and sun changing beads.
  • Don't forget to check out my Parent/Teacher Resource Links page for ideas on where to find supplies on the net. But every craft store chain I have been to ( in many states) now have the books and beads for this hot craft. My links page though lists places you can get great prices for large orders of beads too.

    SUNCATCHER PROJECTS are another great bead project.
    Use your favorite safety pin patterns, loom patterns or my mennorah pattern and make suncatchers! I have seen a few different ways to weave using the beadie animal technique and another using clear gymp, straws and the safety pin technique. Check on www.makingfriends for a rainbow suncather!

    Tips From My Design Team:
    Ronin, Micah and their friends.
  • NEW BEADS Plastic and Glass!

    Check out your craft stores for the newer smaller sizes of pony beads by Darice, Westrim and others. Great sizes.

    Love the glow in the dark in assorted colors plus it comes in 1/2 pound bags and new neon full size beads in 1 pound bags. Great.

    They also love the full size color changing beads that actually change colors when exposed to light. They are real fun, although they might be out of the price range for camp projects. With the prices I see in bulk.. maybe not!

    We ordered a bag of 1000 from Boleks. The lifeguard sat during a break and sorted the colors for us. We used them sparingly with hemp for necklaces and bracelets. They were a real hit. I made a bit of a magic show with the little kids 3-6 of marching out side and looking to see when they changed colors. (5 ot 6) Almost instantly! Then then wanted to go back in the room, put out all of the lights and the window shades closed to see the go back to white. A couple of exiting minutes. Great fun..


  • Love the glass E beads. Available in clear, irridescent and opaque styles. Great for jewelry especially for earrings. Works with some wire.


  • Seed beads in glass can be used with thin bead wire to make great small beadies for jewelry and especially earrings.



    Cord of preference for weaving the pony bead projects = curling ribbon.

    We have tried gymp/lanyard. Great for narrow projects. Also great for little kids. But it often causes wide projects to curl. You have to weave back through the beads. (for a total of 4 times making it hard to fit through.)

    They find that most types of cord unravels unless you glue the end. BUT - They always want to make to animal right away and CAN'T wait for the glue to dry.

    Ronin also used a long SHOE LACE to make the glow in the dark gecko on my picture page. Which leads me to think kids could use the long lacing threads for some of the small projects.

  • Now that we have finished a few summers of beadies, we tried a few new things. The new COATED WIRE was a great improvement over regular bead wire no unwanted knots. The boys worked with the 4m pony and seed beads. We made standing geckos and wire charms of South Park and Pokemon creatures.


    Suggestions and Tips from others :

    I have received a tip from Tessa Moulyn of Canada that she uses gymp on her beadie animals. She solved the problem of the projects curling on wide projects. She steams her projects using a warm iron and a damp cloth. Sounds great! Thanks Tessa.

    Have any bead patterns for Chanukah or Christmas that you want to share?

    I would love to host your original bead or craft projects.

    Giving you credit of course.

    email me at

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    Sells beadie kits and supplies

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    Glow in the dark pony beads
    Changes colors in the sun!

    WWW Beadie Links

    For all of the people looking for American Flag projects:

    See for her Patriotic crafts and SWAP/Friendship Pins/Safety Pin American Flag pins etc.

    See some other links below and on my Scouting pages for many links to other patriotic beaded pins etc.

  • Margo's Beadie Critters Collection

    If you are new to beadie critters and need help with directions then the Margo's Beadie Critters site is for you! 1000's of free patterns.

    A redesigned web page with Basic Materials for Beadie Critters.

    Parents check out *GIFTS IN A JAR!!! on Margo's other site. It has great recipes to be used in adult craft/gift projects. Includes food and bath gifts you give in a glass jar! Many use sand art techniques to make layers in the jar. Very different.

  • Store and Lessons

    Also great craft lessons! *Making Friends - Computer Crafts for Kids

    Has some of the best *Beadie Animal Patterns, including many TV and animal stars. (Including Pokemon!) New patterns are added regularly and for most holidays. Hundreds of great patterns (Some of my personal favorites!) including Itty Beadie animals that are tiny and use very little beads. They suggest you can put them on your shoes! (See General Crafts for more on this site's incredible craft ideas.) Do not miss the page of almost 100 patterns that are submitted by visitors to their *CONTEST SITE. Other unique pony projects include:*Beaded Tiara,(Uses pipecleaners and pony beads) and *Girl Scout Trefoil Symbol,*the boy scout emblem, and a *girl scout.

    ( Scout Troop leaders and scouts - please check out my Scouting Page for more info on Scouting sites including Jewish Scouting.)

    For more advance student has instructions on how to make a LOOM to weave larger projects with INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING LOOM and PATTERNS using ponybeads.

    Also has great scouting projects including beaded safety pin projects and SUNCATCHERS. The pinpatterns can be used to make suncatchers.

    Free Patterns for Beadie patterns and other bead projects including loom and peyote bead patterns. Also has a store for books and other patterns that are for sale. Great instructions including how to make a pony bead loom, safety pin jewelry and more.

  • Ev's Bead Patterns. plus to view her patterns. Includes 15 Pokemon characters plus 50 other patterns! Evelyn's Beadie Pages has some great and newly listed Swap/Friendship pins. Many are very unusual even some Christmas, Jewish ones, Patriotic, Sports and more! Sun Catcher Patterns

    Lilly's Fashion (mini beads) Doll Beadies has moved to a new site. Click on each of the 40 pictures for the pattern. Another 40. Even has her own computer program Pattern maker for you to make your own beadie patterns for dolls beadies. She has great craft sections for beadie buddie type projects at:Craftsincluding PERLE BEAD PATTERNS!.

  • Lily has a great page on the hot jewelry craze of Power Beads. I have seen the fancy gift shops selling jade and crystal bracelets. Well this is the way to use pony beads. She includes the chart of which color represents each power. An easy stringing project and the color is what makes it special. Also has other beadies, suncatchers and crafts too. A great resource for someone who wants to make their own beadie patterns and pages using Windows. (Temps me! I use Linux and Html books on my husbands non Windows computer)

  • is a great site (see my gencrafts for links to their site.) Now has beadie designs including: pokeball designand Game boy design.

  • Jason's Beads
    He has made many pokemon and other bead patterns including Christmas ones. He also has a series he calls his Steven series of men in different costumes.

    Pilgrim Pony Bead Pattern. See my fun and craft pages for links to other parts of this great site.

  • Beadie Page.
    Planetpals is an great site for studying the earth. (see my general/fun pages for more on this site.) They have 9 cute creatures for earth and weather symbols. Monika ( age 12) made beadie designs for them. Click on the Planetpals on the bottom of the page for individual directions.

  • Junk Mail Jewelry.Something a little different. Make paper beads out of junk mail.

  •'s 13 Pony Bead Projects under the instructions for the alligator.

  • Ronin I. Wood's Original Design of Kenny. (My son Ronin.) Made for the Making Friends.Com Contest.

  • Design Originals Publishes Craft books on many subjects including many on beadie animals. Great books on bead/wire projects. Now has many free projects on their site. I used their Suncatchers book. A big hit with the 10 and up group. We used medium pony beads, so we could not hide the ends of the rows. It looked cute and the kids really liked the size they ended up. For those that have not seen suncatchers, they hang beads on gymp from a straw. Looks somewhere been stain glass and a beaded curtain. It can get tedious , for some, cutting a piece of gymp per row and hard to tie the ends. It is something different for the pre/teens to enjoy. I found their book at my local Michaels and other stores. But they now sell it on line with their other products.

  • ACMOORE store's Pony Bead Chanukah Menorah

  • Girl Guiding White Hawk. CO. UK 's Christmas Beadies
    They say they have thousands of patterns but you have to pay an annual fee to see them.

  • Loom Beading Alphabet charts by
    You can use these for making words or letters with your pony beads too.


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