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Welcome to Eileen's Favorite Craft Crafts and Other Fun Things. An everchanging site for crafts, fun and education. Here are a few of my projects and links to world wide web links.

I am constantly seeing new web sites and kits for making soap. So I will be moving some of my links to this page to make it easier to find. I have not made and soap yet but hope to soon.

Eileen's Own Projects

Cookie Cutter Layered Beeswax Candles
Chanukah Table Candles but technique can be used for any holiday or event.
You use cookie cutters to cut sheets of beeswas that is layered into a decorative table candle.

Crystal Wax Candles:

  • Eileen's Crystal Wax Candles in Baby Food Jars.

  • Eileen's Rolled Beeswax Sheet Candles:

  • Eileen's Havdallah Beeswax Sheet Candles

  • Eileen's Havdallah Paraffin Wax Sheet Candles
  • Eileen's Kwanza Beeswax Sheet Candles
  • Eileen's Chanukah Beeswax Sheet Candles

  • Eileen's Paraffin Rolled Tapers
    Great for everyone or to use in white for Shabbat.

  • Future Candle Projects for Eileen:
  • Painted Candles
  • Wax Cut Outs on Candles.

  • Painted candles:
    I am trying to find the time to "play" with candle paint!

    I bought some from Genwax but have not had the chance to work with it.

    Looks easy!

    Suggestions for uses of the paint:

  • Buy ready made candles and paint your own designs on them
  • Buy ready made Shabbat candles and paint a pair as a special treat for yourself or for a gift.
  • Themes could be anything but for Jewish candles how about special ones for Yom Tovs (Holidays). Matzah designs for Passover, Apples for Rosh Hashanah, Shofars for Yom Kippur etc.

    This craft could be used for any age you can trust with paint (or cover the kids up well). They would need a pair of candle holders or something to hold the candles while drying and possibly while painting.

    Wax cut outs on candles:>HR>I have seen at Genwax and other places wax cut outs you can apply to candles either hand made or bought. Also want to use cookie cutters to cut sheets of beeswax and apply to other candles.

    If you have time try these.. I will get to them eventually.

    All of the rolled beeswax projects are based on a class I taught at an outside community event.

    I had to plan crafts that had:

  • No drying time.
  • no electicity.
  • All ages
  • Group size unknown.
  • Depending on the weather I could be outside. (Which I was.)

    I taught two crafts:

  • Prestamped Rosh Hashana Cards for children to decorate with the wonderful new Gel Pens. (Which even grown ups could not resist.) See my Jewish resource page for rubber stamp sources.
  • Rolled Havdallah Beeswax Candles. (With samples of Kwanza candles and cards giving out this web page for more ideas.)
  • I decided to use sheets of beeswax.

    The benefits of beeswax were many:

  • No heating
  • Craft could be done with all ages. (Plus was safe.)
  • No cooling time.
  • Could be taught inside or out and no MESS!

  • I designed the rolled havdallah and braided candles to teach at a community event.

    Black and Jewish Culture Day at the Muscarelle Art Musuem of the College of Willam & Mary. Williamsburg, Virginia.
    It was a wonderful day! It was to go along with the special traveling exhibit of "Bridges and Boundaries Revisited African Americans and American Jews". Watch for this exhibit as it travels the country. It was very emotionally moving to see.

    The candles continued in a small way the theme of the exhibit, the similiarities in the past of the Jews and Blacks struggles etc. The Jews using these candles on Saturday night (Havdallah), braided them like they do their shabbath challah bread. The Blacks having braided their hair and children's hair for centuries. The Black participants shared some interesting braiding techniques for the candles that I wish I had pictures of!


    I discovered Paraffin wax sheets a few years ago.
    I bought them through
    See my supply pages.
    (I was just informed they discontinued them.)
    I used them for a class I was co-teaching with Jill W..
    Budget and ease were two concerns for this class of adults we were teaching at a JCC Women's Day.
    We wanted to have the class make three candles using two methods.
    Both braided and rolled. They were a hit. Although some ladies were sensitive to their smell.

  • Beeswax smells better.
  • Paraffin sheets were cheaper and softer. (no longer cheaper as they are petroleum based!)
  • Beeswax comes in more colors.
  • Paraffin cuts better when using a cookie cutter.
  • Beeswax is more environmentally friendly.
    (Natural not petroleum based.)
  • So it is up to you and your budget.

    Buying in bulk online makes both kinds of candles more affortable then single sheets bought in stores.

    Other Wax

    There are other waxes on the market for crafting. Some being "natural" that might interest some of you. Plus other waxes for uses possibly other than candle making.

    Available at Genwax and other sites.


  • Bayberry wax
  • Palm Wax (Vegetable stearic)
  • Soy Wax (container candle blend)
  • Other Waxes:

  • Letter sealing wax
  • Starburst wax
  • Sculpting wax
  • Micro wax in blocks and cubes
  • Plus wax comes in lots of forms: blocks, chunks, pearls, hurricane (paraffin) wax.

    World Wide Web Candle and Soap Making Links:

    Many of the sites have links to candle making and soap making.
    Candlemaking supplies has great lessons for beginners as well as advance candle makers. Has full directions and some interesting recipes.
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about candles.
    Basic directions and fun projects. Includes supply sources for all types of candles including the new: Magic crystals, gel, beeswax and more.

    Also's Soap Page. Has a huge list of soap making and soap fun facts, games and recipes.

  • Australian Craft Company sells international. Also has lots of free project sheets and lessons including candle making and soap.

  •'s Candlemaking. This huge site has some real nice ideas for candles for everyday and holidays.

    It also has recipes for soap. Many use Lye and fat. I personally avoid these but many people make soap for their own use and not to teach children so the safety issues are different.

  • Has supplies and some great candle making projects. Including some unusual ones. Has great safety tips. It has a great link page with a huge list of resource links for candles.

    Check out the directions for Non-Rolled Beeswax Candles from Honeycomb sheets! Really looks like fun. You use cookie cutters and layers of sheets of wax!

  • Candles Supply
    Online store that also has free lessons for candle making and soap making.

  • More Soap Links:

  • Flexy Fast molding putty by Brambelberry
    They sell soap making supplies and have lessons.
    The putty looks like a great product for making flexible molds for soaps, polymer clay etc.
    Check out the great video from the Soap Queen on how to use it.

  • Soapmaking supplies and fragrant oils. It also has LIP BALM SUPPLIES! How cool is that?

  • Alphabet Soap Soapcrafting made easy is the way they describe their site. Looks good. Recipes, directions, and supply sources.
  • The Book- "Soap Recipes by Elaine White" Has an online site for Soap making recipes and directions.

  • Soap Making
  • By Elaine White. She has some great recipes for soap. She also sells a couple of books with recipes. One says 360 Formulas and Recipes for Art and Crafts using HONEY and BEESWAX! She also has some great link pages.

  • Candles and
    Online store that also has free lessons for candle making and soap making.

    Australian Craft Company sells international.
    Has unique kits including therapy crafts.
    Also has a long list of free craft projects.

  • S & S World Wide
    is a great source for craft, party, sports and school supplies.
    Shop S&S Worldwide

    They sell some beeswax sheet kits.
    They also carry plastic molds for soap, chocolate, plaster and more

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