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Now introducing Silver Clay and Precious Metal Clay Links and Lessons

Levels: Preschool to Adult (Including Seniors!)

For many years our favorite camp crafts have been made from clay. First Salt Clay for home made clay we could make into large objects. Then we discovered Sculpey Clay! And the world of adult looking camp crafts began.

Sculpey is a polymer clay that softens easy for little hands and can be cooked in a regular kitchen oven. They love feeding it into a pasta machine to make flat sheets. We have made: covered pens, Mezuzzahs, Havdalah spice boxes, jewelry, covered baby food jars and covers, light switch plates, tooth fairy jars and more!

All ages find making the clay canes of 3d designs magical. I have often had 10 to 12 year olds working almost 1 hour making 1 huge face cane and loving it!

I have included pictures of some of my children clay projects on my picture page. I have also started including some of the directions to these projects that you have been asking for:

  • Eileen's Craft Pictures and Instructions.
    Including Clay Picture Transfer Jewelry and MORE!
  • Eileen's Clay Stamp Projects And Ideas.
    Using rubber stamps to make clay jewelry and more.
    Many more pictures and techniques inluding Jewish Jewelry, Senior Citizen Crafts and Preschool Projects.
  • Eileen's Polymer Clay Covered Light Switch Covers.
  • Eileen's Clay Mezuzahs
  • Eileen's Clay Finger Puppets.
  • Eileen's Clay Face Pins

  • Eileen's Clay Mezzuzah Charms
  • Eileen's Clay Chanukah Dreidels and Dreidel Charms.
  • Eileen's Clay On Glass Projects Including some new projects.
  • Eileen's Clay On Paper Mache Projects.
  • Eileen's Recycle Projects:
  • Eileen's Clay Covered Yogurt Bottles.
  • Eileen's Clay Covered Jars and Covers.

  • CLAY: (not Polymer Clay)

    Before we go any further lets not forget regular clay, salt clay, homemade play dough etc. Fun for little hands and reasonable for preschools and schools to use for play and projects.
  • Just for kids recipes for crafts

    Has many recipes for clay. Including:

  • Bread clay
  • inedbile bread clay
  • Edible Fundough
  • Candy Clay
  • Another candy clay
  • Chocolate Play Clay
  • Cinnamon Dough Ornaments
  • Christmas cinnamon ornaments
  • Cloud Dough
  • Another cloud dough
  • Coffee grounds dough.
  • Cooked play dough
  • Cornstarch and Salt Fundough
  • Another Cornstarch and Salt Fundough
  • Cornstarch and Soda Fun Dough

  • And more!
  • Everything Preschool Recipes-Cooked Clay Recipes.
    Craft Clay, Sand Clay, Cookie Clay, Modeling Clay, Baker's Clay and Coffee Clay.

    Non Cook Clay recipes
    Bread Clay, Apple Cinnamon Clay, Sawdust Clay, Rose Petal Clay and Mock Marble Clay.

    Everything Preschool's Play Dough recipes
    Edible, Cooked play dough and non-cooked play dough.


  • Everything Preschool's Recipes for home made silly putty.

    Polymer Clay Warnings and Tips

    Please remember that polymer clay is not play dough and needs adult supervision.

    Many people caution the use of utensils and surfaces to be used for clay only.

    (See the hints and safety suggestions of Maria Nerius below.)

    For example, I give every child a sheet of wax paper to work on.

    In addition, since the clay needs to be baked in your home oven, ADULTS only should bake it on an oven safe glass dish that will be used only for clay. (I have a collection of everyone's safe/chipped dishes just for this purpose.)

    I also highly recommend buying a pasta machine for your own use but especially if you work in large groups. It rolls out sheets better, it conditions the clay faster and the kids love using it!

    Antiquing Clay

    Transparent Sculpey with Brown Antiquing (Zum Gali Gali Stamp Company Stamp)

    White and Black Clay on Glass Bottle with Wooden Cover.

    By Ronin age 12

    I love to antique polymer clay. It makes the clay look more interesting and can hide many mistakes. Antiquing can be done with Faster Plaster Brand Brown Antiquing paint or Fimo & Friendly Plastic Powders. (Metallic or Pearlized etc)

    All Antiquing is done AFTER you bake the Sculpey!

    To Antique to a wooden or ivory look finish, use the Faster Plaster Anituqing. Just paint leave on a second or two and wipe off. If you let it sit too long and it becomes too dark than you like you can wipe off more with a wet paper towel.

    I like to finish the piece with a sealer. Future Floor Wax is a cheap acryllic seal.

    Or one of the many gloss or matte finishes by Sculpey, Fimo etc.

    To antique using a metallic or other powder, use a sealant to make a drop of powder into a liquid form and paint lightly only on areas you want the paint.

    Let dry and paint with gloss etc.

    See my Rubber Stamp on Clay pages for more pictures and instructions including Jewish and Other Designs.


    I have been getting lots of email about how to start using sculpey/polymer clay.

    I am always trying to find pointers to beginner tips/techniques and label them for you.

    Many are the techniques I use on my clay projects pictured on my site.


  • Sculpey 101
  • Definitions of different Sculpey Clays and the basics for using polymer clay.


    A cane is a technique of rolling or layering clay to make a design.

    The design is then thinly sliced to be added to a layer of clay or a little thicker to be applied alone to an object.

    Some of the canes look like jelly rolls others have complicated designs like faces.

    All are fun to make and use!

  • Basic directions for canning. (From Polymer Clay Pot - See below for more )
  • Other Beginner Techniques:

  • Marbeling
  • (From Claypot see below)


  • As you might be able to tell from my lessons Sculpey is my personal favorite polymer clay to work with children.

    Product list
    List for the many kinds of Polymer clay they make: Sculpey, Eraser Clay, Premo, Granitex, Sculpey 111, SuperFlex, Super Elasticlay and more! Their site also includes over 260 projects,* Kids Stuff.

    They have tutorials at all levels:

  • Sculpey 101
    Definitions of different Sculpey Clays and the basics for using polymer clay.

  • Sculpey 201 Translucent Liquid Sculpey
  • Sculpey 301 The Basics of Cleaning a Pasta Machine.
  • The Magic of Color
    Mixing colors and color recipes for Sculpey.
  • Technical Tips that include problem solving issues and lots more techniques. Includes how to cover pens with Sculpey. ( A favorite project of my classes.) What inks work best on Sculpey and more!

  • Teacher's pages for group lessons.
    I really liked the ones that can be used in a junior high math or science class. I really like the parts of a flower lesson.
  • It also has great kids projects. Many use the economical Sculpey bulk boxes of clay.

  • Push Mold Project List.
  • For the more advance crafter don't forget to check out the

  • Premo Clay.
  • Hand made accents for scrapbooking using Sculpey

  • Polymer Clay Central.

  • This is a huge site for the beginner to the professional artist.

  • Polymer Clay Central's Project/Lesson Pages
    These lessons from the huge site lists many basic to incredible lessons (with pictures) for making canes.
  • Polymerclaycentral's Lesson by Lanin D. Thomasma for a STAR OF DAVID CANE

    For those of us that love Asian Art this is check this interesting article:

  • Musing on Inro, Asian Lacquer and Polymer Lessons

  • by Boston Clayworks.
    Quality parts/kits for Clay covering projects. Level professional crafter to student. Also has a gallery of pictures for inspirations and links.

  • The Polymer Clayspot.
    Site shows some interesting techniques and links to many clay sites. I recommended her basic lessons on the top of this page.

    Check out her unique lessons for making polymer clay look like stone, roses and faux Turquoise.

  • Also check out her own projects.

  • Polymer clay Modeling 240+ of the best sites selected by humans
    Lessons, links and artists. Has some great pages for sculpey and other polymer clay projects.
  • Judy Maddigan's Push Molds for Polymer Clay.
    Even the little ones can use these molds with a little help. We like to use them with Sculpey  and Friendly Plastic.   Although we never have time to use multiple colors of clay  in one mold! Great ideas on this page.

  • 's Dreidel Napkin Rings (polymer clay and yarn)
    Really cute. Using polymer clay to make the rings then adding ladder yarn to decorate.


    Using home made play dough in science experiments!

    From Using home made play dough to make circuit boards and electical inventions even with young children. To see the orignial research pages:
  • Squishy Circuits Project Page. From Thomas Lab at the University of St. Thomas. Recipes for :
  • Conductive Play Dough
  • Insulating Play Dough
  • Building Circuits
  • More videos of Demos for Squishy Circuits, DC Motor and LED, Speakers and Animals!"
  • Plus lessons based on this research on PBS teacher guides for SCIGIRLS!

  • Dough Creatures!Light up your room with electrifing play dough creatures!

  • Precious Metal Clay, Art Clay and more!

    Working with Clay that turns to real silver or gold

    Level: Adult

    My New Year's resolution was to learn about the different clays that fire into real silver or gold.

    For now I am listing links and supply sources as I learn about this advance clay on my clay pages.

    My goal is to find out enough to make a page for only these metal clays.

    These clay can be fired in various ways to harden into silver or gold.

    Some can be fired using a butane torch, a "hot Pot", top of a gas stove or a kiln.

    The clay is worked similiar to using a single color of polymer clay to make jewelry or and object.

    The clay is a binder to the silver that disolves leaving behind a silver object.

    Some metal clays shrink more than others.

    There is liquid metal clay in syringes to add depth or to repair cracks.

    There are many books explaining the art of metal clay.

    Because of the expense, this is probably best as an adult project.

    Teens may be able to work in a class or with a parent with these clay but because of the dangers in using a butane torch etc best left to the teacher or adult to fire.

    Links to metal clay lessons
    Many of these sites also sell supplies.

    PMC GUILD's getting started
    Includes video clips, projects for beginners and more.
  • Society of American Silversmiths's Precious Metal Clay Information Pages

  • Lapidary's Alchemy of Precious Metal Clay
    They also have some step by step lessons for making jewelry.

    Firing precious metal clay and art clay
    Forming clay
    Finishing clay

  •'s getting started with silver clay
    They sell supplies and starter kits plus have some great projects with step by step lessons.

  •'s what is PMC

  •"s Art Clay Lessons
    Has great tutorials and videos to teach you how to use Art Brand Clay

  •'s "what is art clay" pages
    Many projects and lessons.

  • The Bead Shop
    PMC Basics Using Slider Bead

  • PMC's How to use PMC
    They also sell supplies including wholesale for businesses.

  •'s What is PMC

  •'s Metal Clay Jewelry

  • Whole Lotta Whimsy's Tutorials on PMC3

  • Making metal beads

  • BeadFX's ART CLAY Frequently asked questions

  • Where to buy Clay Products and Books

    Dick Blick Offers For Sale:

    Clay, Clay Tools Including Pasta Machines, Art Supplies and Craft Supplies.
    They carry the Sculpey 24 pound boxes in white and Terra cotta.
    Number 332190-1024

    Dick Blick also sells:

  • Art Clay Silver Slow Dry Clay
  • Art Clay Silver Standard Clay
  • Art Clay Silver Standard Clay
  • Silver Clay Paper type
  • Art Clay Starter Kits
  • Art Clay Tool Kits
  • and more!
  • Plus PMC Clay!

    Shop Online at Dick Blick Art Materials

    They also have frequent sales so check them out!
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    Sculpey Modeling Compound
    click on picture
    They carry 1 1/2, 8 and 24 pound classroom packs
    Dick Blick sells Sculpey's new
    Shape and Bake Activity Sets
    I just got the Game Maker Set.
    I love the set and the paper game boards!
    Sculpey Shape & Bake Activity Sets
    Click on picture for full description
    More sets available in this new activity series: Eraser Maker Set,Clay Bears Set,Clay Babies Set,Butterflies Set and Wizards, Knights, and Dragons Set
    Dick Blick
    Free 624-page Art Supply Catalog!
    Also has catalogs for teachers and crafts.

    Clay from

    They sell Sculpey, Premo, Molds and more!
    Sculpey and Premo sold by individual bars and some multi bar sets.
    Back in stock and on sale too!
    Click on these pictures but you will have to enter Amaco clay oven in their search box.

    Amaco Polymer Clay Oven
    The Amaco Polymer Clay & Craft oven is designed specifically for baking polymer clays and other projects. It has a maximum temperature of 300 degrees, and a 30 minute timer that prevents over baking. I just ordered mine can't wait to get it. My new house oven seems to over bake some items even when using a Sculpey oven thermometer as a guide. So I will try this oven out next. They also sell the Amaco bead baking rack for beads.

    40% OFF the regular price of 1 item at! 50% OFF the regular price of 1 item at!
    Plus you can use the special coupons for my website visitors

    Super Sculpey Ceramic-Like Sculpturing Compound
    Sculpey 1.75 Lb. Pack
    Sculpey 1.75 Lb. Pack
    Sculpey 1.75 Pound Pack - Terra Cotta
    Sculpey III Multi Packs-Pearls
    Sculpey III One Pound Packages
    Stepping Stone Numbers and Designs can be used on clay too
    Milestones Stepping Stone Alphabet Stamps

    Pasta/Clay Machines and tools

    Makin's Ultimate Clay Machine and Motor
    Now available at
    Just put Makin's into the search engine

    Made for their clay but I use it with polymer clay.
    I bought my motor at for the machine I already bought at Michael's. My machine came with lots of goodies:
    Texture plates, metal cutters, metal pointy tool (to put holes in the clay for a bead etc) But this was for a limited time for Michael's only.

    Info on care of this machine.

    I have a couple of the pasta machines below and will now use these for my preschool class and use my motor one for home.
    My preschool kids wait excitedly in line to use the crank on the pasta machine.
    Clay Pasta Machine has more clay and molds!


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