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This page was designed to help parents and teachers find information about crafts and where to order often hard to find supplies. As a former teacher trainer and member of many education committees, I just can't resist listing sites I find on the net that look helpful to teachers.

I have divided this page (again and again!) into two pages: Parent/Teacher Resource Page for supplies and resources that are of general interest and Jewish Parent/Teacher Resource Page. I suggest that Jewish teachers look carefully through both pages as many of the basic skills and lessons listed are invaluable and can be applied to any setting.

Now I have divided the parent teacher resource page into two!

See my new Supply Sources Page This page will now be only supply sources for teachers, parents etc!

See my Jewish resource pages for supplies for Jewish classes.

Hope this helps!

WWW. Scout Resources have been moved to my new EILEEN'S Scouting and Guide Pages.


  • Eileen's Favorite Camp Crafts - Clay Page My web page for instructions on how to use Polymer clay, includes links to other clay sites. My whole site has information for parents and teachers but this page is entirely for adults or older teens. Also my page of Craft Pictures that will hopefully give you ideas for your own: clay, sand art, copper rubbings and more.

  • Dick Blick has lesson plans of interest to parents and teachers. Dick Blick also offers for sale Clay, Clay Tools Including Pasta Machines, Art Supplies and Craft Supplies.

  • If you click the link below, it will oten show you a coupon code for discounts. - Online Art Supplies

    Dick Blick also has a printed catalog

    Free 480-page Art Supply Catalog! Store

    A great place for basic craft supplies. Check this store out.

    Also great craft lessons! An incredible teacher resource!

    Has great craft books.

    Recipes and parental advice. Perfect gift for a new mom or for a family with young ones.

  • again! GIFTS IN A JAR By Margo of Beadie Critter fame. (see my beadie page for more info.) Gifts in a Jar has great recipes to be used in adult craft/gift projects. Includes food and bath gifts you give in a glass jar! Many use sand art techniques to make layers in the jar. Very different. It also has links to other recipe sites. I think it could be used by a club or school for a fundraising projects.

  • Kids Crafts Bulletin Board. For parents or teachers to post and exchange craft ideas.

  • Pack-o-fun magazine. Has a variety of craft ideas on-line and in their magazine.

  • (formerly Publishing) publishes many magazines and has a great set of links for kids projects, craft newsletters and more.

  • Pieces n' Creases Origami site has won many awards, including Think Quest Junior Best of Contest 1999. Great lessons included on the history of origami, poems, and Japanese.

  • Jacob Richman's Hot Sites for Kids Homework help, fun sites and more. He also has a Hot Sites for Jewish Sites and General Sites for Adults.

  • OrigamiUSA Has great resources for parents and teachers. Plus a store!

  • The SuperSite for Kids. It is a HUGE fun site.GAMES, coloring, some crafts.. It has sections for parents and teachers with help with lessons.

  • I really like these wires. Works great with preschoolers for stringing beads for bracelets. They can control holding the wire better than cord or string. You can order the wires on line. They also have projects for children of all ages.

  • The Carving Consortium Is an incredible resource for people interested in making their own rubber stamps. It includes beginer eraser carving/rubber stamps. lessons. It also has a website for the International Treasure of Eraser Carved Images.

  • Lil'Fingers Storybooks
    Great preschool stories that parents can read to chilren.

  • - Shrinky Dinks Craft Packs.
    Fun ready to color shrink art kits. Including a Jewish one! Many different themes and class packs. American patriotic themes, bible themes, fantasies and more. They also sell blanks including some that work in your own printer. Cute stuff!!!

    Has great lessons on Native American crafts. Including clay, metal work, leather, feathers, beads and more! Has recipes too.

  •'s Recipes including cooking with kids

  • The Incredible Site. Puzzles, games, mazes, Coloring, Word Games, Screen Savers, Memory Games, And Really Great Tangrams! Puzzle postcards.Very visual! It also has teacher pages that allow you to print out word searches and coloring pages.

  • Everything Huge site with lesson plans, information sharing, crafts, classroom games and more! Really does look like everything a Preschool teacher needs.

    Australian Craft Company sells international. Has unique kits including theraphy crafts. Also has lots of free project sheets and lessons for kids and other crafts.

  • Picturetrail-Free Online Photo Albums Looks like a great free service. You can make your own online photo album. Should be good for teachers to a share pictures with students and parents.

  • Womansday Magazine has an online magazine with crafts. Check out their Turkey center piece and Thanksgiving placemats. plus other Thanksgiving ideas. They have some other cute crafts too and seem to be adding new ones often. (Also has great recipes and household hints.)

  • Kids Crafts Bulletin Board Is a crafts bulletin board with many ideas to read about. Or you to post your own questions about crafts.

    A huge resource for parents, teachers and especially home schoolers. Covers many subjects including holidays and crafts. Has great parent medical resources. Great coloring pages and E cards.

  • Beaney.comThe call themselves the no.1 toddler site on the web. I think these are the designers for the original Teletubbie site but the British site has taken over so they have their own site now. Real cute coloring, games and more. They have some great teacher and parent resource pages.

  • Jewish Nature Project. This site has Jewish Nature Project Craft Page.
    Although a "Jewish" Site. This a great nature site for scouts, parents, teachers and more. Great Teva (nature) Tips.

    Has a great site and resource for Homeschoolers, Parents and School teachers. Great Crafts and Recipes too. It also has newsletters for math,science and writing homework help. ADD kids. Preschool and more! Has easy to use form.
  • Homeschoolzone's Pitter Patter Craft Library.
    WoW! Some really great and unusual crafts! It has been around for awhile, don't know how I could miss this! Recipes, Science, Crafts, Parent and Teacher resources!

  •'s Pitter Ptter Craft Library. Kitchen Science
    Lava Lamps, Rock Crystals, Chocolate Modeling Clay and MORE!

    This page also has a larger, easier to read index of all craft types.

  • - Crafts for Kids
    Has a great list of links for kids crafts and many original crafts. Has bible crafts, nature crafts, Pokemon, paper dolls, and more!

    Graphic Designs from
    Wallpaper and clip art too.

    A great craft web site and PBS Television show "Hands on Crafts for Kids Television". Lots of very UNIQUE craft projects. They also like to feature craft storys about projects that are used for charity or helping people. They also produce craft books.

  •'s Imagination Factory - Recycle Art Lessons.
    Including Drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture, holidays, fiber art, marbling and more.

  • Holidays on the NET

    Holiday sites for information, crafts and E- cards about many holidays from around the world.

    Many of these site are helpful for other crafts to but their holiday information is so outstanding I listed them here.

  • Holidays on the Net An award winning site. Has Holiday information, stories, games, crafts, greeting cards, links, teachers guides and MORE! Holidays include all major Jewish Holidays, Ramadan, Christmas, Holocaust Remembrance,Halloween, all U.S. Holidays and more.

  • 123greetings.comEcards for all occasions. Most religions, holidays and events.

  • Holiday Funology
    Great site. Lots of links for crafts and games. For MOST Holidays all over the world!

    Has moved and updated there great site. They feature activities for special needs children. They activities and fun things can be used by any child. Rhey have Holidays and Clip art. Holidays from around the world and clip art for many holidays including Kwanza, Chanukah and more. They have great kid recipes too!

  • Billy Bear 4 Incredible site! Has lots of resources for parents and teachers. Great clip art, desk top tips and lots of information along with the games and fun for kids. Most of the graphics are free to use but check the copywrite on the page before down loading. ( It is only fair!) Holiday fun too!

  • Holidays at
    Christmas, Hanukah, Halloween and more. Graphics, stories, music and more


    This is for the many parents and children faced with the issue of trying to find an Accelerated Reader for the child. Here are a few to help you figure out reading levels and points. For those that homeschool, I don't know what the cost is to participate in the testing part of this program but this would still be helpful in finding out thousands of books and their grade level. Plus homeschoolers could still use their point system to grade their children. For the rest of us, hopefully this will help you find the most useful links as there are many sites but many are useful to that school only. Still need a book? Please check with your school's teacher as some lists do not list all books as there are thousands with more coming.
  • Accelerated Reader.
    A long list of school sites with their own accelerated reading lists! Many will probably be updated at the beginning of the new school year.

  • York County Schools, Virginia Accelerated Reading Program
    Authors listed alphabetically and by grade level.

  • Accelerated Reading Books by Coloumbia Elementary Burbank WA
    Sort By Alphabet and levels.

  • Vocubulary Builders

  • Free
    Build vocabulary and they will donate rice to the needy all over the world. If you choose the option for the game to remember your score, it will. Lots of levels for all ages. Great even for SAT/ACT prep!

  • LESSON PLANS and more!

  • Kathy Schorock's Guide for Educators.
    One of the sites on the web for teachers as part of the Discovery Channel School. 100's of sites including *Discovery Channel School lesson plans,*holidays,*Hobbies,*Kidstuff and more!

  • 4th and 5th Grade Student Research Resources - homework helper and cybrary.

  • The Perpetual PreschoolA great site for preschool teachers to get ideas and to share them with other teachers. Many subjects are discussed.

  • The Busy Educator Site.The Busy Educator's Guide to the World Wide Web. On -line site for the book of this name. Has a newsletter and links to many sites for kids, parents and teachers. Plus book, software and game reviews. Also thanks for The Busy Educator's award!

  • Discount School Supply Company's (see info on the store and catalog above under supplies.)A great catalog I have used for a few years. Now has updated their website. The kids love their craft/paint suggestions including making silly putty. They now include a search engine plus: articles, idea exchanges, hundreds of projects and links.
  • Thousands of teacher lesson plans for every subject. Great resource for home school teachers too.
    Even has Craft Lessons Great for teachers

  • 700+Great Sites for Kids Art, fun, people, homework,science etc.

  • Surfing the Net with Kids. A great huge site that has been around for years and some how I never listed it.. Sorry. Music, art, crafts, science, holidays, games, preschool, computer, math, geography and much much more!

  • Jacob Richman's Hot sites for Education
    Homework and Lesson Plan Help. Links to Research sites.

  • Travlang.comForeign Languages for Travelers.
  • Has many 70 languages including Hebrew. It also has translating dictionaries in many languages.

  • RCLS Web guide's -Kid's Search Tools Internet search engines to find sites for kids.

  • Fun With Harry Potter.(teachers Edition)Crafts and class sheets about Harry Potter. See my Fun Page for more Harry Potter pages.

  • The Kids on the Web: Educational Sites. This is a huge site that has educational pages, homework helpers, fun pages and more! A great resource of teachers and parents.

  • This is not an ad but a cool link.
    This site has help for kids and teachers. Teachers really should check this site out.

  • California's has many educational links to Science sites plus their own. Great resources and lessons for teachers to print out.

  • The Space Place Has space science lessons and games plus activities including edible activites!. It has some great activities for making spacey things including a Paper Rocket using Alka Selser. My son tried it out and it works great! It also has some great lessons for use in the classroom.
  • Mark Kistler's Imagination Station!Public Televisions's Favorite Learn-to-Draw in 3-D series. Lessons and links for parents, teachers and of course kids!


    I am adding an easy way to subscribe to craft newsletters on the web. They are another great resource on the web to get in your email... NOT SPAM!

    More and more sites are adding newsletters but some are hard to find on their huge sites.

    I find that most are published once a week or once/twice a month. Most have new ideas and features not found on their web sites. Many offer specials from their online stores or sponsors sites just for the newsletter people. It also lets you know when someone has added to their site. Great for sites you forget to check often. Some big sites update a couple of times a year but most update often. This is a great way to find out what has been added to these huge sites.

    Try them for a few months you can always unsubsribe if they don't meet your interests.


  • Eileen's Camp Crafts and Other Fun Things! Newsletter.
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    See new things first! Plus extra tips.


    Has kitchen crafts, recipes and tips for food and crafts. Does not have a web site only a newsletter, eGroup Polls and bulletin boards. The newsletter is emailed out weekly. Has had some interesting things so far including: lip gloss, gifts in a jar and more! To subscribe click here to get to their sign up page.

  • - Newsletter.

    A really interesting web site has a newsletter. The site has holiday ideas, tips for parents, family fun ideas, birthday party ideas and more! To subscribe - click here.

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