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Fun Sites

My Fun Site has been divided into two pages for Jewish and Non Jewish sites.

Fun Sites are Non Craft sites of interest to children, parents and youth professionals. Many are geared to young children for at home or preschool use. With an extra listing for Jewish Fun sites. But I have a soft spot in finding craft and fun sites for teens too. Some might even be educational. (Sorry kids but education can be fun too!)

I have a new page for a great Scout/Guide Craft or Activity that my family has really enjoyed.

See my

The purpose of this page is to link geocaching, letterboxing and crafts together.

These activities are perfect for indivuals, families, schools, GEEKS, Scouts/Guides that want to earn badges and develope skills for:

  • Crafts
  • Using a compass.
  • nature walks.
  • Using a GPS.
  • Find paths to clean up in nature and parks.
  • Learn to read maps.
  • Carving skills. (Make your own rubber stamp for letterboxing.)
  • Journal keeping.
  • And more.

    Caches and letterboxes are hid in every state of America and all over the world.

    If there is not one in the your area then this would also make a great project to make a cache or letterbox and research a safe and fun place (on public property) to hide one.

    I am trying to update these pages into smaller catagories. Hope this helps you have more fun!

    Fun and Game Sites

    Ohio Art's etch-a-sketch that you can play online! Also has games,coloring pages and puzzles you can play.You can even join a club. Other pages have tips and trivia games.

  • Etch-a-sketch online game with links to other games.

  • Kid's Domain.Comwas bought by
    Has PC and Mac Shareware and Freeware Programs for Kids recommended by families and teachers. Demos, reviews, programming for kids, and graphics. Holiday pages with mazes, puzzles, software,printable coloring pages.*GAMES,and crafts and *LINKS and *MORE LINKS.

  • Discovery Channel School's Kathy Schrock's Kids stuff.
    100's of kids fun and educational links.

  • Official Teletubbies page
    I had another web site for Teletubbies but it seems to have switched to another company. So here is the recommended official Teletubbies from England. Still has games,galleries, activities and more.

  • Holiday Funology
    Great site. Lots of links for crafts and games. For MOST Holidays for many countries and religions!

  • The Kids on the Web.
    Huge site has many topics including pages of Fun sites.

  • Lil'Fingers Storybooks
    Great preschool stories that parents can read to chilren.

    Has lots of fun things for holidays. Electronic cards, holiday info, games etc. Christmas, Ground hog Day, Durga Puja, Diwali, what ever holiday. Including some very funny ones like HotDog Celebrations, Elvis Day and more.

  • Stories from the Web. Library Clubs

  • Holidays on the Net
    An award winning site. Has Holiday information, stories, games, crafts, greeting cards, links, teachers guides and MORE! Holidays include all major Jewish Holidays, Ramadan, Christmas, Halloween, all U.S. Holidays and more.

    The call themselves the no.1 toddler site on the web. I think these are the designers for the original Teletubbie site but the British site has taken over so they have their own site now. Real cute coloring, games and more.

  • Everything
    Huge site with lesson plans, information sharing, crafts, games and more! Really does look like everything a Preschool teacher needs especially for fun games to do in class. Check out their recipes for crafts.

  • - Free Puzzles, games and coloring.


  • Picturetrail-Free Online Photo Albums Want to share pictures over the web? Make your own webpage/photo album.

  • Greeting Cards from
    Has lots of great cards for all occasions and lots for different religions.

    E-Cards plus you can create a postcard with your own picture.


    Great animation. Games, Stories, Music and more.

  • - free games.
    Links to free games including flash games and downloadable games.

  • Games and educational help for kids grades K- 8 and teachers.

  • Billy Bear's Playground. Has games and *links to 100's of cool internet kids games sites. (suitable for K-12 like: rubics cube, marble solitare, Mandala ...) On its own site are *word games/puzzles,*sticker games for younger children, *web cards you can color and send,

  • U.S. Mint's h.i.p. pocket change
    Games, cartoons, coin news, teacher pages. It also has lessons and games for the State Quarters.

  • Paulys
    Great site for interactive games and activities for children 3 and up. Great graphics. Children will love the bright colors and the videos that are hiding in some of the games.


    What are they doing on my fun page?
    Homework can be fun if you have a little help!
    Lots of the above links have educational parts to them.
    The following links are primarily home work or research tools.

    Vocubulary Builders

  • Free
    Build vocabulary and they will donate rice to the needy all over the world. If you choose the option for the game to remember your score, it will. Lots of levels for all ages. Great even for SAT/ACT prep!

  • Gregsite,Special Events in History. What a find! Need to find interesting facts for a time line? Happened in a year of history? This is the place! Also has what happened on this date in history.

  • Has educational/homework helpers plus lots of fun educational games. Thousands of teacher lesson plans for every subject. Great resource for home school teachers too.
    Even has art Lessons Great for teachers

  • Lovington N.M. Public Library Educational Links.
    Science fairs, search engines, arts and crafts and more!

  • 4th and 5th Grade Student Research Resources homework helper. Plus fun sites for 4th and 5th grades.

  • Homework help Includes the Periodic Table with detailed information on each element. Something we were looking for awhile ago but could not find!

  • Travlang.comForeign Languages for Travelers.Has many languages lessons.

  • Peace Corps- Kids WorldLearn all about the Peace Corps and have fun.

  • Why is Mona Lisa Smiling?
    Award winning project by high school students.

  • Visual Fractions.comNeed help with fractions? This has some great lessons and fun games.

  • A great site with educational and fun things about the Earth and weather.

  • Homeworkspot.comNeed help with homework? Teachers need help with lessons? Great homework helper for all grades. Check this out.

  • The Kids on the Web: Homework ToolsEncyclopedia's Dictionaries and pages and pages of helpers.

  • Seussville UniversityMath, Science, Reading and more are taught on this site. The site recommends ages 3-7. Games, printouts, fun lessons and more!

  • Funbrain.comMath,Grammar and other games for homework help. Including Math baseball. Plus other games. See link above in game section.
  • Stories from the Web.
    Library Clubs, stories and more. Great place to review books before you read them.

  • Fun Stores

  • Check out a fun and great means of transportation for adults and teens:

    Xooters are Scooters but different then any other! Called the Rolls Royce of Scooters. Great for Adults and Teens. Huge deck and Wheels. Even has hand brakes. 7 Styles and more coming! They even have electric models!

    My kids and I would recommend these even if their Uncle did not work for Lunar Design( the company that designed them for Nova Cruz.) They are serious transportation scooters designed for adults but my teens wanted some now!

    Unique designers and a store that has some fun movies and things to learn about designing toys and anime.

  • Videos

    Always looking for fun and educational videos.

    Since I am always looking for videos that are safe for viewing for all ages, I have some posted from U-tube and other sources and try to make them not link to other videos.

    See Jewish Fun Videos
    On this page, I will post video sites that are safe for kids.

    A wonderful site just came online and has a fan page on Facebook too. Hundreds of videos in many languages for preschool and young children, including Hebrew. They even have the Israeli Sesame Street that was a must when my kids were little. But I had to by the VHS tapes to see them. Now they are online. For parents and teachers you might have to make a profile saying you are a kid for now. They are working on adding a parent/teacher feature.
  • Using Crafts in science videos - Squishy Circuits!!!!
    see my clay pages For videos on using home made play dough in science experiements for circuit building lessons!

    Offical and Fan Pages

  • KNEX of America Home Page
    Has changed their web page again and AGAIN! Great new stuff. For the fans of KNEX building toys it has lots of fun pages and ideas for you to check out at their Club Knex

  • Lincoln Logs
    Knex now has pages for the wooden Lincoln Logs. So far it seems to be only showing you sets no fun yet but keep watching.

  • Has redone their site too. Games, contests, puzzles, Postcards, Screensavers, wallpapers and more.
    Building instructions for many unique designs.
    As with the Knex site parents may need to download some software before the kids can play some of the games. You can even build your own lego hompage,

  • Unofficial LEGO links
    Has Links to over 500 pages that show pictures of Lego, teach you to build and more!

  • Paul's Lego Page at GMLUG
    Pictures of his creations and pictures of Legoland events.

  • Paper Fun

    Paper Fun also see My Craft page for more paper projects.

    Chadis Crafts' Fun Pages - Japanese paper, Origami, Kirigami and more pages

  • Paper
    Paper Stuff for kids and grown-ups. Has great printable sheets for printing. You print them out and they show you how to fold into a toy. 100's of patterns! Cars, buildings, paper dolls, hats, crowns and more! You can print many in color or color them yourself.

  • Check out my Jewish Fun Pages For Jewish Origami

    7 Piece Chinese Puzzle you can make into millions of different shapes

  • Make your own Tangram set.

  • Virtual Tangrams Move around puzzle pieces online.

    Huge site!
    History, directions to make a set, patterns and more


    Many sites on this page has some puzzles along with many other things. This list will be just sites that are all puzzles so look close on the other links for more puzzles. Kids Domain, Harry Potter sites and more have puzzles.

  • The
    Incredible Site. Puzzles, games, mazes, Coloring, Word Games, Screen Savers, Memory Games, And Really Great Sudoku! Puzzle postcards.Very visual!

  • DLTK-Kids Puzzles
    DLTK-Kids is a great site and is listed many times on my site. But their puzzles are incredible! Animals, Bible, Most ANIME (Pokemon, Dragonball Z, Digimon, Sailor Moon and more!), Clifford everything!

  • - free puzzles.
    Great jigsaw puzzles. Lots of them and more coming.

  • Yo-Yo's

    Here are some fun links to Yo YO Tricks!

    It has some tricks. It redid it site and store.

  • Ken's World on a String
    Yo Yo Tricks with PICTURES!.

  • Getting started with a yo yo. Things you need to know on the use and care of a yo yo.

  • Surf the Net with kids - YoYO page.

  • Science Fun!

    Many sites have science fun projects on their site.

    The following are science only pages:

    Cool science experiments to do in class or with a parent using Alka-Seltzer.

  • Kitchen Science. Science fair and experiments you can do at home. (work with an adult please.)

  • Surfing the Net with Kids- Science pages.
    A huge site with many subjects. This is a very large science site.

  • Exploratorium's Science Link pages
    Great videos of science exhibits and more. 10,000 pages of videos, pictures, sounds, links and more on science!

  • The Space Place
    Has some great activities for making spacey things including a Paper Rocket using Alka Selzer. My son tried it out and it works great! Also has space games and food!

  • Harry Potter fans can have lots of fun on the web.

    The following pages are just a few.

  • Harry Potter Word Searches

  • Harry Potter online games
    Huge list of arcade games, jigsaw games,quizes, flash games and more.

  • Harry Potter Fonts to use in your own projects.

  • Harry Potter The Movie

  • Harry Potter at Warner

    See part of the new movie. Incredible Movie Quality if you have the right kind of computer! Has games to play. See toys for sale. (Of course they have things for sale! Merchandizing, merchandizing it is the name of the game!)

  • The Unofficial Harry Potter Fan Club = games
    This site is now huge.

  • Too see Links to Harry Potter Beadies Crafts see: my beadie page.

  • Broomsticks Demo Game
    Unoffical Quidditch Game. He also sells the full version for a very reasonable price but the demo is great.

  • Harry Potter Realm
    A really cool site. The author of the site writes in an interesting style. She also has a fun style of writing and she is only a Teen herself! Has links to many other sites in addition to the things she writes to help people understand and have fun with Harry Potter.

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