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Pony Bead Projects:
Featuring Color Changing Beads (Magic Beads) and Glow in the Dark Beads

Day and Night Pony Bead Bracelets and Key Chains.

Color Changing beads are magic in the sun. (DAY)

Glow in the Dark Beads are Spooky in the NIGHT.

Pony Beads are great for many projects because of there large holes.
The projects on this page could just as easily to be made using other style beads but for younger children the larger the bead the better.
I used this project with 3 - 5 year olds. But any age would like them.
With this young age, I had to give them each a bowl and gave them a only a few beads at a time.
This helps keep down the number of spills.

To make this project a little different I used Glow in the Dark 9m pony beads, Color changing Pony Beads,
Pony bead animal and Transportation beads.

DAY = Color changing beads look white when not in the sun.
When in the sun they come in pink, blue, purple, yellow and orange.
I sort outside in the sun.

NIGHT = Glow in the Dark Beads allows the bracelet and keychain easy to see in the dark.

Children just love the magic of both beads. (Even teens!)

  • 20 Glow in the Dark Beads. (G)

    I used a whitish glow in the dark beads.
    Art2art has great glow in the dark in multicolors.
    Art2Art has the Magic Beads too!

    The key chain is a great gift for Mother's Day Gift.

    The Glow in the Dark makes your keys easier to find in a large pocket book!

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    and my Jewish and Bible Bead Projects.
    Day and Night Pony Bead Bracelets
    Changing Color Beads are not in the sun so they look white in these pictures.

    Kids size:

  • 10" cloth covered elastic. (I got mine at the Boston Children's Museum's Recycle Shop.)
  • Regular size (9m?) Pony Beads:

  • 10 Color Changing Beads. (CC)
  • 6 Glow in the Dark Beads. (G)
  • 3 Charm Pony Beads
    comes in animals, transportation and more.
    (I got mine at Michael's Craft Store in a value pack 25 to a package.)

  • Plastic bowls.

  • Pattern

    Cut elastic 10".
    Knot elastic about 1/2" from end to hold on beads while children are working.
    Give each child a bowl to hold their beads.
    Give only a few beads at a time.

    Sting beads in this order:

    (4CC) (1G)(1CH)(1G)(2CC)(1G)(1CH)(2CC)(1G) (4CC)

    Tie knot close to the last bead.
    Tie the two ends together one or two times.

    S & S Worldwide sells a 40 piece assortment of Judaic beads.
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    Shop S&S Worldwide
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    Day and Night Pony Bead Bracelet/Key Chain Adult Size.

    This is a great gift for Mom.

    The beads make it look like a bracelet and it is really great to use on days when you have no pockets to put your keys in.

    Adult Size:

  • 12" cloth covered elastic.
  • 10 Color Changing Beads. (CC)
    Called Magic Beads in most stores and catalogs.
  • 1 Charm Pony Beads. (CH)
  • 1 Key Ring
  • Knot the end of the elastic 2 times onto key ring.


    String the beads in this order:

    (5G) (5CC) (5G) (CH)(5G) (5CC) (5G)

    Tie knot close to last bead.

    Tie both ends together one or two times onto ring.

    For very young children that can not easily follow instructions:
    just give them color changing beads and glow in the dark and let them string in any order.
    Multi color beads with Glow or Color changing is also cute.

    Israeli Independence Day Project

    How about a color changing and glow in the dark bracelet and or key chain ?

    Only BLUE Color Changing and Glow in the Dark 9m Pony Beads?

    My son (when 11) designed this one for Israeli Independence Day.

    It will look blue and white in the sun.

    But Glow in the dark and white in the dark!


    Adult Size:

  • 12"cloth covered elastic.
  • 16 Glow in the Dark Beads. (G)

  • 15 Color Changing BLUE Beads.(CC)
  • 1 Key Ring if you want to make a Key Chain.
  • 1 0r 2 bowls.
    If you are doing this project inside and can't tell the difference between the two colors.
  • Knot the end of the elastic 2 times onto key ring or knot the elastic twice about 1/2 inch for end for bracelet.


    String the beads (G) (CC) (G) (CC) repeat until all beads are used.

    Double knot the elastic close to last bead.

    If key chain tie ends together near ring.

    If bracelet, tie both ends together two or more times.

    Glow in the Dark Shalom Bracelet

    Bought shalom beads at

    Color Changing (Magic Beads) Butterfly bracelet

    Bought the butterfly and also basketball beads at

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