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FURBY's, Pickachus, Pokemon! What's Next? Beadie Animal Patterns for your favorite toys! Here is the first batch of pictures.

To see general directions for beadie animals see my Beadie Animal Page. To see more of my original designs see my Jewish and Bible Bead Projects.

I have started making bead animals of my children's favorite toys. Knowing that millions of boys and girls are also in love with Furbies and Pokeman Toys! I still have trouble taking pictures. Sorry the black beads just don't scan right. Also, I have learned you don't ask a busy man to scan your art work! You will just have to use your imagination until I can have these rescanned. (Check the picture of the gray furby... it seems the easiest to see.) I hope in the near future to add more designs, so keep checking back.

As with my Bible patterns, I am only listing the special instructions. If you have never done beadie projects before, please check my beadie projects page for links to some great beginner instructions.

A suggestion for the furby patterns: buy a large bag of the pearlized mini beads. 4 by 6m. The colors look more like the fur of Furbies then the regular colors. For all of these patterns, I used the smaller beads whereever possible. Otherwise the patterns would come out huge and depending on what ribbon or cord you use, they would probably not lay flat.

As with any pattern, there are many different possibilities. I tried mixing large and small beads for Furby: eyes,feet, hair, sensors, and mouths. The large beads for the hair and feet worked great. The eyes still layed flat. I think I like the small beads for the mouth better. The sensor is really up to you. In the light the sensor some times looks red, most of the time black. So pick which ever color you want. I liked either the one large or 2 small beads for the sensors. Experiment! Have fun!

Pokemon Craft Site! Ronin and Micah now have (with a little help from me.) a new Pokemon Site. It includes links to lots of Pokemon sites including any we can find with Pokemon crafts. Beads, Yarn Bugs, Pokemon Card cases etc. Now also featuring Dragon Ball Z and Digimon! Check them out at: Ronin's and Micah's Pokemon Links and Crafts Page.


Have any bead patterns that you want to share?

I would love to host your original bead or craft projects.

Giving you credit of course.

email me at

Now to make it easier to print these patterns and instructions, I have moved them to individual pages.

Click on the picture below to get to a larger picture with instructions.

Eileen's Original Patterns:


Black Furby

Black and White Furby

White Furby

Gray Furby


To see more of my original designs see my Jewish and Bible Bead Projects.

Many of them can be used for Sunday school projects for Christian Groups too.

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