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Jewish High Holiday Videos on the internet.

I am hosting these videos on this site
as often with YouTube and other videos,
they might link to videos that
may not be appropriate for some of my visitors.
More Jewish Fun Videos

Great Upbeat song from Israel in English and Hebrew.
Fun, uses Angry Birds, Star Wars and more.

Dip your apple from the Fountainheads
Josh Nelson Singer of Video for Yom Kippur about Jonah and the Whale.

How to blow a Shofar.

More Jewish Holiday Videos

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Fun Sites are Non Craft sites of interest to children, parents and youth professionals. Many are geared to young children for at home or preschool use. I especially like finding games and stories for K-6. ( The age of my children.) But I have a soft spot in finding craft and fun sites for teens too. Some might even be educational. (Sorry kids but education can be fun too!)

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