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Shabbat and Havdallah Patterns
See my BEADIE PAGE, for basic instructions.

Also see my Bible and Jewish Holiday Bead Projects Page.

See also my new Passover Beadies for Kiddish Cups that would be great for Shabbat and Havdallah

Spice Box
23 Beige Beads.
45 White Beads.
5 feet of cord.

For Flag: String on 4 beads on one cord. Double back through last bead.

Shabbat set.
Pair of candles,
Challah on board
and Wine glass.
Candles(make 2 for set):
2 yellow
10 glow in the dark.
14 transparent blue.
2 feet of cord or ribbon.

Challah with Board:
12 orange
8 beige.
3 feet of cord.

Wine Goblet:
15 glow in the dark.
2 feet of cord.

Havdalah Candle
Designed by
Micah age 7
44 beads.
2 1/2 feet of cord.
Havdalah Candles usually have 3 wicks and come in all colors. Micah did his in rows of 4.

For a variation of Micah's design you could make rows of 6. Start with a row of 3 for the wicks. Then do 8 rows of beads making each row a pattern of 2 of each color. Making the candle look like 3 long candles. The base can be any color. (this would add 22 more beads for a total of 66. Add at least an extra foot of cord for this bigger candle.)

# 11
3d Havdalah Candle
3D designs can be tricky.

14 dark green.
14 transparent blue.
14 light green.
18 glow in the dark.
3 strands of cord EACH 2 feet long.
String a row of each color on one of the 3 strands. Braid. tie in not at end. Take 2 of the strands and string on 4 glow in the dark beads. Double back through with one of the remaining strands. Continue with rows through to end and tie off. If you want you can weave the last string through the glow in the dark and tie off on the end.

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