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See my BEADIE PAGE, for basic instructions.
All beads are the new small pony beads. size 4m by 6m.
81 neon yellow
3 black
2 white
5 red
2 yards of ribbon
The Pikachu from Pokeman TV/GAME fame is a beginner to medium difficulty level project. The only thing difficult about this one may be the ears.

Start with row one and 6 yellow beads. Then string 6 yellow and one black bead on ONE of the ribbons. Fold the yellow beads in rows of 2. Using only one string start going back through the beads starting with the black. Repeat for second ear.

Row 2. 7 yellow beads. When finished with this row, thread the ribbon through the edge of the last row of the ear. This keeps the ear flat to the body.

Since the ribbon on the photo blocks the mouth. Row 6= 5 yellows, 2 reds, 5 yellows. Row 7= 5 yellows, 1 red, 5 yellows.

Continue with rows 3-8. Use marker to color white beads for eyes.

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