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Fun Sites

Fun Sites are Non Craft sites of interest to children, parents and youth professionals. But I have a soft spot in finding craft and fun sites for teens too. Some might even be educational. (Sorry kids but education can be fun too!)

Soduku - Sudoku
Japanese Math Puzzles



    It also has a design your own Sudoku book and your own E-Book.

  •'s sudoku
    links to many Sudoku sites

  • Japanese Beadie Crafts

  • Eileen's Original Beadie Animals

    Furbies, Pikachu and Pokeballs.
    Weave your own pony bead Japanese toys and anime characters

  • Making's Pikachu
    Making has hundreds of crafts and bead patterns. One of my all time favorite craft website.

  • Japanese Paper Crafts

    Paper Fun also see My Craft page for more paper projects.

    Jewish Origami

  • Judaiquilt's

    amazing new book! The paper folding Origami book is a download from the author.
    Origami using the Netflix's wrappers!
    Not an official Netflix's site. Just someone'r brilliant recycling of the part you through away from the return envelope.

  • Pieces n' Creases
    Origami site has won many awards, including Think Quest Junior Best of Contest 1999. Great lessons included on the history of origami, poems, and Japanese.

  • Britsh Origami.Org
    Has some great origami stories and jokes plus galleries of large origami models.

  • Dave's Origami Emporium
    Huge resource of origami models and links. Has a lot of really unusual paper folding and articles. Has great examples of other fun things including illusions and ray tracing.

  • Hecht's Origami Diagrams
    Mostly files that might need an adult to download.

  • OrigamiUSA
    Has some great Fun Stuff. Including Puzzles using origami, quizzes, begineer origami and more.

  • Bob Nienhuis's Origami Links.

  • Origami123 -Paper Crafts. Origimi, paper boats, paper crafts, paper coiling & quilling

  • Kirigami - Japanese paper cutting

  • DIY Network Kirigami 101
  • Education World's Kirigami: The ancient art of paper cutting
  • Home and Garden TV - Kirigami Tree

  • Amigurumi
    Knitting and Crocheting character dolls and animals etc

    See our store below for books to buy on Amigurumi

    Free patterns for Amigurumi

  • Crochet Me's Amigurumi, Deconstructed
    Great tips especially for those of us just getting started.

  • Lion Brand Yarn
    has a large collection of Amigurumi free patterns. You will have to search on patterns and register to enter the pattern site.

  • Coats and Clark's Too Cute Dolls

  • Crochet Pattern Center - Animal and Amigurumi patterns

  • Ana Paula's Amigurumi Patterns & Random Cuteness

  • Nimoe's Blog's Animurumi

  • geek central station blogspot's hobbits
    and Human

  • Doll pattern from Stitch Blog by Soph
    She has great charts to work with and even more free patterns including Bender from Futurama. Just click on the link saying free patterns.
  • Japanese Homework Helpers

  •'s Japanese Language Pages
    Huge resource for learning Japanese including free vides.
  •'s Japanese dictionaries
  •'s Japanese caligraphy
  •'s Japanese quizes and games.
  •'s Flash Cards
  •'s Japanese Games and Quizes
  •'s Japanese for kids
  •'s Japanese Proficiency Tests
  •'s Japanese Fonts

    Dick Blick sells Origami and Kirigami Paper and kits

    Japanese Music
    Kodo Drummers of Japan

  • Kodo Drummers From Kodo Village, Sado Island, Niigata Japan
  • Our family really enjoyed seeing the Kodo Drummers from Japan at the Ferguson Center of the Arts in Newport News, VA

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