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Braiding, Friendship Crafts, Knotting,
Boondoggling, Macrame, Lanyard, Lacing and Gymp Page

My Braiding and Needle Craft pages were getting too long.

I have divided them. See my Needlecraft pages for Crocheting, Needlepoint etc.
Also I am adding Jewish Knots etc to this page as I find projects.

Teens and Adult Books and Supplies for:
  • Braiding, Hemp, Lacing, Friendship Bracelets and more
  • Gymp, Plastic Lacing, Lanyards, Boondoogles and more
  • Just a few examples of the great books and supplies!


    Another hot craft is weaving hemp either natural or colored, thick or thin into bracelets, necks and key chains.
    Many children like to weave beads into their designs.

    Making Friends Store

    Need beads? Scout craft supplies? Basic kids craft supplies?
    Bulk packs for scouts, Sunday school teachers, homeschoolers and more!
    Check this store out.

    Also great Braiding and knotting lessons:
    Hemp Friendship Bracelet,Daisy Friendship Bracelet,Braided Suede Bracelet.

  • Rings&Things Company's Project page
    Knotted silk cord necklace.
  • Meteor Bracelet - Knotted cord project.
  • Macrame hemp bracelet

  • Heather's Friendship Bracelets forum
    Has some great diagrams and patterns.

  • Ropers Knot Page.
    This site is for knots for ropes but some of the knots can be used with other materials.

  • Animated Knots By Grog Great site for learning knots. Also has specific knots for Scouting.

  • DMC's craft projects with threads Project pages.
    The DMC thread company has been around for years.
    They have an incredible web page with free projects and downloads.
    Many using knots and threads. Friendship bracelets, ankle bracelets, zipper pulls and more.

  • How to tie Stretch Magic
  • Descriptions of cords's hints.

  • Jewish Knots and Braiding Projects

  • Tallit Knot Tying (Jewish Prayer Shawls)

  • Make your own tallit?
  • Many Jewish Camps, Schools, Scouts etc. teach how to braid hemp or gymp.
    My son's Sunday school made their own Tallit!
    This tallit was to be used in prayers before Sunday school. (so really informal)
    The choices for material were very unique.
    I have since seen great material at Judaica and kits at
    See my Make your own tallit page for more links for supplies and knotting directions.
    I highly recommend this project but if you are not ready for this yet, how about learning to tie the tallis/tallit strings as a great heritage project instead of just playing around?
    Artkitsetc has strings and directions in an inexpensive kit form.

  • Make your own Tallit for real?

  • Many Sisterhoods, Temples etc are having classes on making your own tallit.
    If you need guidance check out the companies for kits and directions on my Jewish resource page.

    GIMP, Gymp, Plastic Lacing,
    Lanyard, Boondoggling:

    Margo of Beadie Critter Fame reminded me to include one of my personal old favorites of gymp/lanyard.

    Before the craze for hemp braiding there was lanyard or gimp.
    An old favorite for camps and scouts that is now hot again thanks to the many new books available at craft stores showing how to add beads, make animals and weaving into other projects.
    My campers especially liked the new Mega gymp available at many craft stores.
    Extra wide and easier for some to use.
    It comes in great glow in the dark colors and with patterns.
    Although the patterns are on one side and therefore show up in unexpected colors from the back side of the gymp.

    I have had a few people tell me they have had trouble finding supplies on line and no stores near by see new updated links below.

    I used a lot of my thin gymp (regular gymp compared to Mega gymp) on in beadie animal projects.
    It is easier for many children to use.
    I describe on my beadie page that wide beadie animals will bend with gymp.

    I have since then received a suggestion from Tessa Moulyn of Canada
    that she steams her projects using a warm iron and a damp cloth. Sounds great! Thanks Tessa.

  • directions and videos for basic and advance stitches.

    He has great information. Plus:
  • Show me list
  • Starting Stitches
  • Basic Stitches.
  • projects
  • More Projects.
  • finishing stitches.
  • and more!

  • Supply Sources with lessons on each site.

  • Toner's Craftlace page.
    Has some projects for gymp, wire and more.

    I especially like their TOOLS for braiding,wire, gymp and more. The Weave Wheel to start gymp/braids is great.


    S & S Worldwide sells gymp, lacing etc.

    Shop S&S Worldwide

    Search on Gymp and Lacing.
    Check out the two sided lacing kits #LA 429
    Check out there overstock section. Now on sale smiley face gymp! Item number LA406

    They also carry Holographic Lace in bulk #LA418.
    Comes in pack of 12 rolls in 6 colors.
    S & S Worldwide also sells many lacing kits for preschools and elementary schools skills.

    Macrame Hair Knots and Braiding
    See more macrame and braiding at my mini store pages

    Beginner lacing(preschool)

    Sites with how to videos for lanyards

  • wikiHow - The How-to Manual That You Can Edit= Lanyards with video

  • Braid Hemp Videos

    How to make a friendship bracelet videos

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