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Eileen's Camp Crafts Recycle Project:
Clay Covered Yogurt Bottles.

Polymer Clay can be baked on to many different materials: glass, wood, metal and some plastics.

As part of my effort to recycle plastics and glass, I tried to cover a small plastic bottle that Dannon Yogurt now uses for its Drinkable Yogurts.

It worked!

I recently taught a class of 3 and 4 year olds.

We made the little bottles into a mini vase/container.

Give each child a piece of wax paper to work on for a clean surface.

Also wash their hands before and after project to keep the project clean and to keep the chemicals off their hands afterwards.

The children first softened the Sculpey by playing with it for awhile, keeping it on the wax surface.

I gave each a small amount of sculpey. (about 1/4 and ounce of each color.)

I try with preschoolers to only give one color at a time and repeat instructions often when they have more than one color.

Otherwise they tend to put the colors together too soon and you end up with gray etc...

They then rolled many snakes.

We then coiled them around the bottle.

I was surprised on how much clay it took. (more than I thought!)

I rolled each bottle in my hand stretching the clay to about a 1/4 inch thick.

When done and the bottle is covered including the bottom, use a tooth pick or pointed object to carve their name or initials.

Bake on a parchment paper covered pryrex dish (or metal cookie sheet) (follow clay instructions for baking temp and time.)

Sculpey gloss finish was added to protect it. (Or you can use Future Floor Wax)

Recycled Yogurt Bottle:
Polymer Clay Cane Covered Vase

When you have older children the same project cane be done in a totally different look!

Cane slices are gently pressed directly on the Yogurt Bottle.

Center Pieces For Special Occasions

For the family party after my son's Bar Mitzvah we made our own center pieces.

We used single vases for the small table and a triple vase for the head table.

All of the vases were made with a thin layer of White Bulk Style Sculpey.

Three vases were fused together using clay wedges that were then covered with canes.

We made 14 different vases using lots of blues.

We mixed the canes up on some and used all the same on others.

We used satin glaze with a little metallic gold powder mixed in.

Make your own Jewish Centerpieces.

One of the same vases with a Jewish Plastic stemed Star of David.

(Called a star pick) Got it at

See my Jewish resource page for more info.

See my clay page for more clay ideas and lessons on how to make canes.

Also my baby food jar page for more recycling ideas.

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