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Channukah Beadie Patterns

The craze for kids' bead projects.
Now for Channukah.

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# 9
Mini Bead
Orange one:
Designed by
Micah age 7.
We love the new mini pony beads.
The Blue, green, and yellow dreidel uses 33 beads. The other 31 beads.
2 feet of cord.
# 15
Glow in the Dark Driedel
with Hebrew Letter Shin
This driedel also started to glow when put into the scanner! We made this with full size pony beads but this would also work with the mini beads. Make it any color you want!

40 Glow in the Dark Beads.
11 Blue Beads.
2 yards of ribbon.

To see a great diagram with arrow directions on how to do my bead pattern see Eileen's Dreidel at

# 16
Tie Dye Driedel
This dreidel is a great beginner one if you make it in different colors.

48 Beads.
2 yards of ribbon.

# 17
Mini Beads
Glow in the Dark Mennorah.
Because of the even rows, this one is only a beginner to medium level project. We did the glow in the dark mini beads for fun. If this is done in full size beads it will be very large.

51 White glow in the dark beads.
9 Yellow glow in the dark beads for the flames.
19 Blue glow in the dark beads for the candles.
21 Pink/salmon(?) Glow in the dark beads for the Mennorah.
2 yards of ribbon.

Watch out on row 2 to put the first yellow bead for the higher candle.(shamash) and on row 3 to put one blue bead in the center to make the center candle taller. (shamash.)

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