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Bible Pattern Instructions
See my BEADIE PAGE, for basic instructions.

Also see my Bible and Jewish Holiday Bead Projects Page.

Ten Commandments
Style 1
20 Off White Beads.
12 Black Beads.
2 feet of cord.

String 2 white beads. Double through. String on 4 white, 4 black, 1 white. With second cord double through the one white, 2 black THEN go back through the the first white bead of this row and continue through the next 2 black and next white.

Start repeating pattern of white , 2 black, white, 2 black, white for all other rows.

Last row 7 whites.

A variation of this design is to do 2 more repeats to make the Tablet longer and look more like there are 10 commandments. (5 rows of double blacks.)(See style 2 below.)

# 13
Ten Commandments
Style 2
Designed by
Ronin age 9
Ronin decided to try the variation mentioned on style 1 above.
26 beads clear.
20 red beads.
3 1/2 feet of cord/ribbon.

Carolyn Dorsky of MA.'s
Beaded Torah
© Carolyn Dorsky
Used on this website with her permission
Special Instructions:
  • 1 1/2 feet of cord
  • 8 Brown Beads
  • 29 Cream Beads
  • key chain hook.
  • Find center of cord.

    String on 6 cream beads, at each end string on 2 brown beads.

    Bring the cord around the first brown bead and into the first. repeat for the other end.

    Add on a row of 6 cream beads.

    Row of 5 cream beads.

    Row of 6 cream beads adding two brown beads onto each end of this row. Back through the first brown bead on each side.

    Row of 6 cream beads. End so both cords are on one side.

    When finishing this row add lanyard clip and tie both ends together.

    Thanks Carolyn for sharing.

    Please let me know if anyone else has a Jewish Beadie they would like to share.

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