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Eileen's Original
Purim Beadie Patterns
See my BEADIE PAGE, for basic instructions.

Also see my Bible and Jewish Holiday Bead Projects Page.

# 18
Purim Grogger with Hamantashen
32 Mini Black Beads

59 cream mini beads.

16 orange mini beads

4 red mini beads

About 5 feet of something. I used wire this time. Don't know why I think I was too tired to go down stairs and get the ribbon.

1. Take wire or ribbon and bend a loop or if ribbon make a loop.

2. Rows 1 and 2 string two black beads on each row.

3. Row 3 String 2 black then put wires through as if ending the row. But then string the 13 cream beads to complete that row.

4. Bend wire or fold ribbon.But! Then string the 6 creams, 1 orange, 6 creams then 2 blacks and string wire through the other way.

5. 2 black, 5 cream, 1 orange, 1 red, 1 orange, 5 cream.

6. 2 black, 3 cream, 2 orange, 3 red, 2 orange, 3 cream.

7. 2 Black, 2 cream, 9 orange, 2 cream.

8. 2 Black, 13 cream.

9. rows 15. 2 Black.

Finish by tying or twisting.

Size E Glass Bead Projects

Size E beads are larger than Indian/seed beads but smaller than the plastic mini pony beads.

Great for Jewelry.

Hamantashen is the special cookie/pastry for Purim.

It is traditionally shaped like a triangle.

This represents the three corner hat worn by the villian Haman.

Because we are imitating a pastry, I have used amber or orange beads but any cake color bead can be used.

For the filling on a real Hamantashen we use Jam, Poppy Seeds, and some kids Peanut Butter.

So the color of your feeling can be Red, orange, purple for jam.

Black for Poppy seeds. (Mun in Yiddish)

Brown if you want peanut butter color.

Have fun with these!

Hamantashen 1
Opaque Glass E Beads

2 feet of wire. ( I used 28 guage)

49 opaque orange glass E beads.

12 opaque glass red E beads
Fold wire in half.

Twist wire to make loop.

1. Row 1 string 1 orange bead on one wire and bend the other wire to go back through the first bead the oposite way.

Continue stringing this way to end.
2. 2 Orange
3. 3 Orange
4. 5 Orange
4. 9 Orange
6. 3 Orange 6 Red 3 Orange.
7. 4 Orange 6 Red 4 Orange.
8. 16 Orange.

String wire through a second time, so both end up on same side.

Twist togther a few times.

Cut wire.

Bend twist into design to hide.

Hamantashen 2
The sparkle of the clear glass E beads really reflected on this picture.
I will retake it eventually.

This pattern would make a great dangling earring!

1 1/2 feet of wire.

21 Amber Clear Glass E Size Beads

2 Red Clear Glass E Beads

Fold wire in half and twist for loop to hang from earring or necklace etc.

1. String 1 Amber Bead on wire. Take other wire end and string back through.

Repeat this for other rows.

2. 2 Amber
3. 5 Amber
4. 2 Amber 2 Red
5. 9 Amber

Bend wire back through last row.
Twist ends together a few times.
Cut wire and fold into design to hide end.

# 21
Hamantashen 3
This is a little larger still possible for an earring but also great for neck or key chain.

1 1/2 to 2 feet or wire.

32 Clear Amber Glass E Beads.
4 Opaque Black Glass E beads.

Fold wire into half. Twist wire into loop for hanging.

1. String one Amber bead on one end of the wire. String back through with the other end of wire. Repeat for other rows.

2. 2 Amber
3. 3 Amber
4. 3 Amber 2 Black 3 Amber.
5. 4 Amber 2 Black 4 Amber
6. 12 Amber Beads.

String wire back through last row.
Both wires end up on one side.
Twist together a few times.
Cut wire and then fold the end into design to hide.

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