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Eileen Chadis Wood and Family

Eileen, Steve, Ronin and Micah
December 2009
Steve and I do not get older but here are a few pictures of the boys.

Chanukah 2008 pictures by Micah E. Wood
Micah is a senior at MICA, Maryland Institute College of art Sept. 2009 as a photography major.

To see more of his pictures go to
Micah loves taking pictures of bands and his photographs are used on a few cd covers.

Picture by Micah E. Wood
Ronin graduated as agraphic design major also at MICA, Maryland Istitute College of Art in Baltimore..
To see some of his work
He currently lives in New York City and is a graphic designer

Welcome to Chadis Crafts' Fun Pages.
The new home of Eileen's Favorite Craft Crafts and Other Fun Things.

An everchanging site for crafts, fun and education for children of all ages.

A guide for teachers, parents and kids for general and Jewish crafts. Including: beadie animals, polymer clay, braiding, and camp crafts. You will find links to hundreds of fun and educational sites for: stories, games, cool and yucky science and more. Included are suggestions and guides to help teachers of: preschool, sunday schools, elementary schools, camps, scouts and more. Every site is linked in different ways to make it easy and safe for children and adults to find their way around large sites.

This site was created at the request of my former computer/web addicted campers at The United Jewish Community Center of the Virginia Peninsula. All of whom wanted to continue making their camp projects throughout the year. For 6 summers I taught 4-5 classes a day for 40 days. We produced about 3000 projects averaging about $.50 to $1.00 per day. Projects included: jewelry, plaster, friendly plastic, sculpey clay, beadie animals, gymp, copper rubbing, etc. plus Jewish/Israeli projects. I tried to avoid paper art work. Most parents can not possibly save all of their children's school art work and camp work.

This site will be constantly changing, as I find more links of interest to my former students ages 3 to 12. (So remember to CLICK ON RELOAD each time you check my site!)

I am also adding additional links, for the parents, counselors and assistant counselors. Many are just over - grown kids themselves, who are eager to "help" the kids, as an excuse to play too! (I have heard on numerous occasions that parents have even hired baby sitters to watch their kids while the parent "works" at crafting. Others play with clay after the kids are in bed!!!)

I hope this site will help me continue to teach my former students and counselors, many of them have already started to teach crafts themselves. May they continue to grow as teachers, while having fun with crafts. ENJOY!

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Who am I?

My name is Eileen Chadis Wood.
(Mrs. Stephen A. Wood) We have two sons ages 24 and 21.

I have been working/teaching in the field of crafts on and off for 35 years. I worked/volunteered at the UJCVP summer camp for 6 summers. I am have been teaching a spring after school "Clay and More" craft class at The UJCVP Early Childhood Center for the past 14 years. Teaching in Newport News and for 2 years at their satelight site in Williamsburg VA (For more info and their mission statement see: Info)

Having lived most of my life in Chelsea, MA. I spent 2 1/2 years in Champaign IL. and the last 20+ years in Newport News, VA.

I am a former teacher/administrator in the field of Adult Basic Education and Literacy. With the move to VA, I had tried to "retire". Which in reality meant: I am working for little or nothing, but enjoying it.

My main love is to do community service work at the UJCVP and Rodef Sholom Temple. Where I have been chairing some of their education committees, helping with fund-raising (including the annual JCC 5K Race) plus a past member of the Temple Board. (For all of this, I was presented the UJCVP 1997-98 Community Service Award.)

In 2007-09, I chaired a volunter commitee for the Ferguson Center for the Arts which is a incredible set of concert halls in Newport News VA at Christopher Newport University. . It is for Community Outreach to bring "Arts for All". I orgainize community and neighborhood groups to attend events at the Ferguson Center. It is very rewarding, as many of the groups are schools and senior citizens. The committee helps them get discounted and sometimes free tickets to many cultural events. Many of them would not have been able to attend with out our help. Operas, concerts, plays etc. Kept me very busy.

In addition to all of these web and volunteer projects I am also the owner/artist for:


Chadis Crafts and Kippot is also the proud sponsor of Eileen's Camp Crafts and Other Fun Things! now called Chadis Crafts' Fun Pages

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Web and Newspaper Articles featuring Chadis Crafts' Fun Pages and Eileen's Camp Crafts and Other Fun Things!

Eileen's Camp Crafts and Other Fun Things was featured in an article by Nancy Feigenbaum of the Daily Press Newspaper on The Best Holiday Craft Sites for Kids on the Web. "Crafting an online holiday".. The on-line article even had a cute picture of my sons that was featured in the Newspaper edition.

I has also been featured in many issues of Shalom's web site. They have had me write articles on crafts and celebrating Jewish holidays. Check out this interesting site.
Plus my beadie projects have been used on various large craft sites and inspired manufacturing companies including: Making and Jewish Educational Toys Hopefully this page will finally explain to all of my friends and relatives across the country, what I am doing with my "spare time" as a stay at home mom!

Chadis Crafts now hosts :
York River Symphony Website'
York River Symphony plays in Virginia in the
Hampton Roads/Peninsula area.
Eileen's husband Steve is currently their webmaster,
on their board of directors and is the concert master in the Symphony.

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Lessons,crafts, recipes and pictures can not be used for commerical use. and are dedicated to the memory of my father, Max Chadis.
From whom, my love of the Arts and my art talent came from.
I see his talent in my sons. Both are students at Maryland Institute College of Art.
I hope with these lessons to pass his love of the arts on to others.