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All other stores featured below have products
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GENERAL Crafts, Supplies and Gifts

Shopping at Chadis Crafts' Fun Pages

Shop at these stores and help keep Chadis Crafts' Fun Pages
a free educational site.


  • Books and Supplies for:
    Beadie animals, beadies and beading.

  • Books and Supplies for:
    Gymp, Lanyard, Plastic Lacing, Knots, etc
  • MOLDS:
    Candle, craft, plaster, soap and
    candy molds & resources
    Jewish Cake Molds!

    Jewish, Christian, fun molds, supplies and more

  • Great for preschools.
    Sign up for their Fun & Learning Monthly Newsletter
    Get great craft types plus extra savings codes
    Plus great clearance!
    More coupons for visitors only
    Free Shipping on Crafts, Sports, PE, and more.

    Check out their new and improved website.
    They carry many waxes including beeswax sheets. - Online Art Supplies
    Fine art supplies,clay and more.
    Has frequent sales so check them out.

    Dick Blick also offers a
    Free 480-page Art Supply Catalog!

    Discount School Supply Company

    Great site for craft supplies especially for preschools.
    Has some Jewish crafts too.
    Long time favorite of Eileen's.


  • Chadis Crafts' Fun Pages Mini Stores
    from and more.

    Felting, Knitting and Crocheting Books,Magazines, Supplies and more!
    Have moved to their own pages.

  • Chadis Crafts' Felting Supplies and Books

  • Chadis Crafts' Knitting & Crocheting - Books & Magazines
  • Jewish crocheting
  • Knitting and Crocheting Shawls,
    Prayer Shawl Ministry,Ponchos and more.
  • Fast, unusual, plus size knitting and crocheting
  • Knitting on looms
  • Making Hawaiian Leis (ribbon, eyelash yarn and more)
  • Crocheting and Knitting Purses
  • Japanese Crocheting
  • Harry Potter, Vampire and Fairy Tale Knitting

    Just a few of the books!

  • Craft supplies page 2
  • Books on Crafts, needlecrafts, felting, Beadies and more!


    40% OFF the regular price of 1 item at! Free shipping at! Code: FEBFSA835 Free Shipping Club
    First Order ships for $2.95 Deal of the Day Coupon Corner


  • Japanese craft books and supplies:
    Amigurumi, Kirigami, Omiyage, Origami and more!


  • Video Game Systems and Games
    Great video game systems, games and accessories.
    Of course I have added some fun/educational games to the list

  • View the Globo Teapot from Adagio Teas Tea Starter Set
    Valentines Day Tea - 15% Off
    Gourmet Loose and bagged teas for hot or ice tea.
    Check out their flowering tea! Beautiful for company.
    Plus great gift sets.
    Our family favorite.
    We especially like the loose teas. Their sampler packs assortments are an incredible value. For those of us that like loose tea this has the most incredible assortments. Incredible assortment of teapots including warmers and electric that you can set the perfect temperature for the specific tea! Great service

  • World Music Teen's Love:

  • Klezmer, Gypsy,DeLeon, Matisyahu,
    Golem, Balkan Beat Box, Gogol Bordello,
    Miri Ben Ari, Boom Pam and More
    Now has MP3 downloads of singles and albums.
    Great way to save on some of the imported Israeli CD!

    Help support Chadis Crafts' Fun Page!
    Check out Eileen's business site CHADIS CRAFTS AND KIPPOT for great hand crafted jewelry, fiber arts, gifts and more!

  • Exclusively Designed Knitted and Crocheted
    Fun Fur Scarves
    Ladder/Boucle' Scarfs
    Trimmed Gloves and more!

  • Custom orders accepted.
    Unusual Speciality and Metallic Yarns

    Cowl Neck Scarves.

    Hand crocheted Flip Flop Sandals

    For sale at Chadis Crafts

    Beaded and Charm Jewelry:
    Pins, Earrings, Hat Pins, Bracelets, Men's Jewelry and more!

    Asian Jewelry

    Check out the wool felted knitted bags that Eileen made.
    They are for sale on her business site.'s felted bags

  • Exclusively Designed



  • Books and Supplies for Jewish Needlecrafts

  • MOLDS:
    Candle, craft, plaster, soap and candy molds & resources.
    Jewish Cake Molds!

    Jewish molds, supplies and more
  • Jewish Educational Rugs for home or classrooms

  • S&S Worldwide Discount!
    Free Shipping on Crafts, Sports, PE, and more.
    $5 Off Plus Free Shipping on all online purchases over $59! Use Coupon Code B2898

    Great for Jewish camps, schools and preschools.
    Sign up for their Fun & Learning Monthly Newsletter
    Get great craft types plus extra savings codes
    Plus great clearance!
    More coupons for visitors only

    Discount School Supply Company

    Has some great Jewish and Holiday crafts.
    Search on Hebrew and Jewish

    Has Jewish wooden play sets for chanukah, shabbat and more. Plus Jewish craft kids


    Israel t shirts

    Tee shirt company just redid their website. Israeli army, Jewish, Hebrew, Kabbalah, Israeli Music/movie tee shirts, Places, Peace, Sports, Krav Maga tee shirts, Israeli hoodies, hats and boxes!

    Featured Visiting Artist:
    Chadis Crafts features:
    Lori's Crafts

  • Fabric bowls
  • insulated lunch boxes

  • Siddur Covers

    With and without embroidery
    Durable High Quality Fabric Prayer Book Covers.
    Personal and school orders.
  • Judaica - Tallit bags, siddur covers, matzah covers and more!
  • Now offers Machine embroidery crafts and custom work.

    Chadis Crafts' Fun Pages'
    Mini Stores from

  • Jewish Fun Apparel
    Purim Costumes.
    Matisyahu, Israeli and Jewish:
    Shirts, Sweatshirts, Ties, Aprons and more!
  • World Music Teen's Love:

  • Klezmer, Gypsy, Matisyahu,
    Golem, Balkan Beat Box, Gogol Bordello,
    Miri Ben Ari, Boom Pam and More
    DeLeon- Sephardic Rock! Ladino and more but real Rock.
    We saw them in person at a Gogol Bordello concert. Both amazing.
  • Josh Nelson Project - Uplifting Jewish group.
  • Shlock Rock- the one and only. Great Jewish music for children, teens and more! Been a fan since my children were little.

  • Now has MP3 downloads of singles and albums.
    Great way to save on some of the imported Israeli CD!



  • It's My Mitzvah
  • Honor a special occasion with our unique line of printed, personalized favors for bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, weddings or other celebrations. Print water bottles, scrubs, sports balls, t-shirts, ball caps, travel cd cases and much more with your name and celebration date.

    Formerly called
    Eileen's Camp Crafts and Other Fun Things is sponsored by:
    Offering for sale :

  • Unique Handcrafted Crafts and Jewelry
    Made From Polymer Clay, Resin, Pewter and MORE.
  • Jewelry and Gifts also available in Jewish styles.
  • Hand Crocheted Yarmulkas for the WHOLE family.

  • Beaded and Charm Jewelry
    Big Hole beads on metal, rubber and leather bracelets and chains.

    Sale on Jewish and Other Deluxe Wine Charms/Napkin Rings.


    Toddler to adult women's sizes
    Many colors and styles.

    Shoe Decorations/Jewelry
    Jewish and Bible Styles
    pewter, golden pewter, enameled, ceramic and resin styles!

    Check out:
    Chadis Crafts for Holiday Gifts
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    From whom, my love of the Arts and my art talent came from.
    I see his talent in my teen age boys.
    I hope with these lessons to pass his love of the arts on to others.