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Eileen's Camp Crafts Project
Polymer Clay Finger Puppets.

Samples made by Campers aged 3-12

Level = Beginner to Advanced

Preschool to Adult

Polymer clay (in this case Sculpey ) can easily be made into finger puppets.

Even the smallest child with a little help can make them.

See Clay pages to see basic polymer clay lessons for softening and handling.

General Directions:

Children make a figure of about 1 to 2 inches high making sure to make it thick enough so that their finger can be pushed up inside the figure to make it balance on their finger.

Also flatten slightly the bottom so it can stand by itself when not in use.

When done use a tooth pick or pointed object to carve their name or initials.

Bake on a parchment paper covered pryrex dish (or metal cookie sheet) (follow clay instructions for baking temp and time.)

Sculpey gloss finish was added to protect it. (Or you can use Future Floor Wax)

Easiest Puppets - Snake and Ghost

Of course this is just my opinion!


Roll a small ball of white sculpey.

Make sure the ball is big enough to allow the child's finger to fit inside of it.

Add Black dots of clay for eyes and stretch a little scrap of black for mouth.


Roll a snake of one or more colors.

Wrap the snake into a spiral wide enough to let finger fit. (or wrap around finger)

Add little balls of clay for eyes and take a slightly longer piece for tongue.

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